Dear future Kids,

Dear future Kids,

Mom here. I know, you will probably think it is lame that am writing you a letter before you are born..hang on, I have a lot to tell you already.

Well, I am 24yrs as am I writing you this letter. I pray God will allow me someday to see everyone of you. You see..God controls my fate. I have devoted my life to him cos only him can truly satisfy. When I meet you all, I will teach the importance of knowing God and putting him first before everything else. Btw, I can’t wait to meet your daddy, I haven’t met him yet. I can’t focus on your daddy just yet, you know.. There’s so much I have to accomplish before I start thinking about your father and you all.

I can’t wait to kiss you boo-boos, drive some of you to soccer practice, read a bath time story and much more. There’s time for everything tho. Right now is time for me to be single and allow God be first in my life before God brings your daddy into my life. I will update you when I meet your daddy! Oh joy! I love your daddy already u know.. I have to patient tho.. You know every attractive man is not your daddy. I am so careful about who I date cos the person could easily be your daddy after we get married. I want the best daddy for you all that’s why am waiting for God to bring me the best man. I want a man that loves God with all of his heart first and  love his family next. I am extremely careful, I don’t want to make a mistake with this decision cos whatever I decide will affect your lives for good or bad.

I sincerely want God to bless me with a good man that together, we will enrich your lives. Your mom is naturally adventurous, u will soon find out. I pray God will bless me with the gift of been your mother, so we can go on some adventures together. I pray that I will do my best to be the best mom to you. The last few yrs were very rough with me; however, I persevered cos I don’t want anyone of you to go through the same things I went through. As I fight for the future I want, it warms my heart that am fighting for you.

If God allows I see great things for all of us. I want God to bless me with a family that love God hungrily and live to help others. Life is all about using your challenges as a motivator to make it easier on somebody else. When daddy comes, we will write you a letter. I can’t wait to meet your daddy again. Your dad is a lucky man, you know (LOL means laugh out loud just in case it gets odd by the time you read this letter). I pray for you and your daddy often. I can wait for all of us to finally meet someday. Till that day, God first!

future mom! (Your amazing mom patiently waiting for your daddy)

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