To my better me,

I have been confused about praying for you and pursuing God.
I think the desire to have you in my life has overwhelmed my love for God.
I have to put a pause on thinking and praying for you.
Absolutely, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have you in my life.
I can’t idolize the idea of marrying you.
So I am putting a pause on praying and dreaming about you to just pursuing my relationship with God.
Am at peace, this is a good decision.
If I never get to meet you,
I will be content in Him.
God is enough for me..
Until God brings you to be me..
This is my last blog post to you..
Being content in God is more important than meeting you.
I will still strive to become a Proverbs 31 in honor to God.

Help me Lord to be content in YOU!

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