1. Stop enhancing your car when you live in the ghetto– Your car is all blinked up while you live in a shag, it means no sense. Cars go down in value every year. Trust me, a car is not an investment. If you want to invest in something.. what about an education? House?.. Stop investing in a car.

2. Stop living above your means– Why do you have a hammer parked in front of the projects. If you had the money for the hammer, you wouldn’t be living in the projects. It makes no sense C’mon People!!!!

3. Pay off stuff before borrowing again– Don’t live life in debt. Learn to pay cash for stuff. Save up money for things you really want. SAVE!!! SAVE!! SAVE!!! Stop using credit cards to buy things you want and you can’t afford. STOP IT!!! Buying a shoe is not an emergency.

4. Prioritize: your children should be a PRIORITY… It is not right for you to look like a model from a high class magazine while your kids look like kids from a homeless shelter. Stop using the money you should be using to buy your kids clothes to get your nails and your hair done. IT MAKES NO SENSE!! STOP IT!

It’s not a long list but really ppl c’mon…

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