Nigerian Men are buying Nigerian Women like Suya..

Woman Holding BanknotesNigerian Women, our sole purpose on earth is not to get married to a politician or a rich man. It is also not our duty to give any man a male child that’s God’s duty. A lot of us have the mentality of marrying rich because the present economic situation in Nigeria. A man who buys your heart with his money will use the same money to manipulate and control you in marriage except he loves you. Even when he loves you, he can still use his money to manipulate you. It is our duty to claim our rights in our society by fighting for it. I hope you are paying attention to what is happening in our society. A lot of rich Nigerian men can get away with anything when it comes to women by using their money. Nigerian women, they are using their money to manipulate you.

How can a politician have a mistress that his wife knows about? Why can’t his wife put her foot down against it? Why are we allowing our men to mistreat us and misuse us? I am aware that not all Nigerian men are this way. A woman should not go crying to her in-laws before her husband understand that he is hurting his wife. Most of these men who do these things do them because they know they can get away with it. Do men really value us as women or do they see us as the properties they can buy? (Please, answer this question). Nigerian women, we are responsible for our place in our society. If you don’t want a place in society continue allowing men to buy you like suya.

Enough is enough!! Nigerian Ladies, the way to solve your economic problem is not to marry a rich husband who can use his money to manipulate you. The way to solve this economic problem is not to sleep with men for job offers or salary. The only solution to this problem is for us to think independently outside the men in our lives. Stop thinking you need a man to maintain you. You can start your business (honestly, genuinely without sleeping with any man for funds). It is time for independent Nigerian women to emerge.

We can be financially stable without depending on any man. I don’t think it’s wrong to depend on your husband to provide for the family, but we need to stand up as Nigerian women and stop allowing these men to use their money to manipulate us.

Money doesn’t equal happiness.

Nigerian girls 101: Advice to guys dating Nigerian girls..

Nigerian guys are to soccer as Nigerian Girls are to______________?

I asked this question on my facebook status and I got all sort of answers. The answers people gave were
Money, Brazilian hair, Fashion, and Instagram. To answer this question, I would say “Money.”

I know I am a Nigerian girl and putting Nigerian girls under the bus will not be good for us, but I have to be honest with you guys.

Yes, I said it.. MONEY!!

Please, excuse my honesty..
Some Nigerian girls are too materialistic.
I didn’t say all Nigerian girls, I said “SOME.”

Some of these girls are so Materialistic to the point it could make someone sick.
Nigerian girls are materialistic due to the way things are in Nigeria (I want to believe)…
I think if things were a little better economically, it wouldn’t be this bad.
Please know that I am not condemning any Nigerian girl.

Advice to Guys dating or who want a Nigerian Girl..

First of all: if you marry a girl who clearly only loves you for your money, it is your fault not hers. If you feel you have to buy a woman’s love with your money, something is seriously wrong with you. Love is priceless. If you can buy love, it is not love.

If you want to marry a Nigerian girl who truly loves you for you then you have to take money out of the equation. Initially, you may want to study her and the friends she hangs out with to know the kind of person she is. Take her to a cheaper restaurant and see her reaction. If she ask you for money for something, say “no” and see her reaction. Let her discover that you have money after you are sure  she is into you for you. You need to be discreet about it too.

If a lady marries you for money, she will leave you when the money is gone. BEWARE!!!

The video below was made for jokes but characterizes Nigerian women very well.

Again not all Nigerian girls are Materialistic but be careful that you don’t make yourself a victim.

Nigerian guys are to soccer as Nigerian Girls are to Money.

How many boyfriends can a Nigerian girl have?

In this video, you see Nigerian girls describe how they have multiple boyfriends.
In summary these girls have two boyfriends, one to help them financially and the other one they love.

First of all, any girl can be a player.
Our economy is so bad that people have to do some crazy things to survive.
It is a poverty mentality, girls shouldn’t have multiple boyfriends.
There’s no way I can justify these girls’ actions; however, I will say if our economy was better and jobs were available for undergraduate students to support themselves. I doubt these girls would have chosen this way.
Life is Nigeria is amazing if you have rich parents or rough if your parents are poor.

It is safe to say Nigerian girls in Nigeria do what they have to do to survive.
Yes, this video insults me but who am I to judge?
Most guys watch this video and they automatically assume that all Nigerian girls are players.
That’s far from the truth.
Personally, I don’t think it is right to have more than one boyfriend.

Sister Girl, nobody will stop you from having your boyfriend(s)..
When you get pregnant or get an STD from this boyfriend(s).. na your wahala..
Abeg.. Be smart.. Close your legs. I hope you understand.


1. Stop enhancing your car when you live in the ghetto– Your car is all blinked up while you live in a shag, it means no sense. Cars go down in value every year. Trust me, a car is not an investment. If you want to invest in something.. what about an education? House?.. Stop investing in a car.

2. Stop living above your means– Why do you have a hammer parked in front of the projects. If you had the money for the hammer, you wouldn’t be living in the projects. It makes no sense C’mon People!!!!

3. Pay off stuff before borrowing again– Don’t live life in debt. Learn to pay cash for stuff. Save up money for things you really want. SAVE!!! SAVE!! SAVE!!! Stop using credit cards to buy things you want and you can’t afford. STOP IT!!! Buying a shoe is not an emergency.

4. Prioritize: your children should be a PRIORITY… It is not right for you to look like a model from a high class magazine while your kids look like kids from a homeless shelter. Stop using the money you should be using to buy your kids clothes to get your nails and your hair done. IT MAKES NO SENSE!! STOP IT!

It’s not a long list but really ppl c’mon…