Are your decisions baby-friendly?

I am tired of seeing children born to parents who are not ready to be parents. Having a child is a very rewarding, exciting experience that some unprepared parents take for granted. Every child deserves parents who completely adore him or her. Honestly, I am tired of seeing kids suffer for other people’s mistakes. I am big on abstinence, but let’s be real; a lot of people are having unprotected sex outside of marriage. I can’t tell you what to do, but please think about your future children and choose wisely.

There are consequences of unprotected sex.. 1. STDs 2. Pregnancy and the list go on..

I care about you having STD, but pregnancy brings children into this world. Pregnancy is something everybody having unprotected sex should be planning for. If you are not planning for a children you should be wrapping things up seriously. Having children should not be a decision made in the heat of pleasure.

Are you financially, emotionally and mentally ready for a child? Our children deserve the best. We need to take this God-given gift seriously.

Getting pregnant and having a child is a big deal. At least one of you guys engaging in this unprotected act should be ready for child(ren) (abortion is just sick). If the guy is not ready for children, then maybe you shouldn’t be having unprotected anything with him. If you are not ready for children, you shouldn’t be having unprotected anything with anyone even if you are on birth controls. Your whole life changes when you bring a child into this world. We need to make better baby friendly decisions. I don’t have children yet, but the last thing I want to do is make decisions that will hurt my children’s future.

Stop thinking about yourself for once and think how your decisions will affect your future children.

How many boyfriends can a Nigerian girl have?

In this video, you see Nigerian girls describe how they have multiple boyfriends.
In summary these girls have two boyfriends, one to help them financially and the other one they love.

First of all, any girl can be a player.
Our economy is so bad that people have to do some crazy things to survive.
It is a poverty mentality, girls shouldn’t have multiple boyfriends.
There’s no way I can justify these girls’ actions; however, I will say if our economy was better and jobs were available for undergraduate students to support themselves. I doubt these girls would have chosen this way.
Life is Nigeria is amazing if you have rich parents or rough if your parents are poor.

It is safe to say Nigerian girls in Nigeria do what they have to do to survive.
Yes, this video insults me but who am I to judge?
Most guys watch this video and they automatically assume that all Nigerian girls are players.
That’s far from the truth.
Personally, I don’t think it is right to have more than one boyfriend.

Sister Girl, nobody will stop you from having your boyfriend(s)..
When you get pregnant or get an STD from this boyfriend(s).. na your wahala..
Abeg.. Be smart.. Close your legs. I hope you understand.