Nigerian girls 101: Advice to guys dating Nigerian girls..

Nigerian guys are to soccer as Nigerian Girls are to______________?

I asked this question on my facebook status and I got all sort of answers. The answers people gave were
Money, Brazilian hair, Fashion, and Instagram. To answer this question, I would say “Money.”

I know I am a Nigerian girl and putting Nigerian girls under the bus will not be good for us, but I have to be honest with you guys.

Yes, I said it.. MONEY!!

Please, excuse my honesty..
Some Nigerian girls are too materialistic.
I didn’t say all Nigerian girls, I said “SOME.”

Some of these girls are so Materialistic to the point it could make someone sick.
Nigerian girls are materialistic due to the way things are in Nigeria (I want to believe)…
I think if things were a little better economically, it wouldn’t be this bad.
Please know that I am not condemning any Nigerian girl.

Advice to Guys dating or who want a Nigerian Girl..

First of all: if you marry a girl who clearly only loves you for your money, it is your fault not hers. If you feel you have to buy a woman’s love with your money, something is seriously wrong with you. Love is priceless. If you can buy love, it is not love.

If you want to marry a Nigerian girl who truly loves you for you then you have to take money out of the equation. Initially, you may want to study her and the friends she hangs out with to know the kind of person she is. Take her to a cheaper restaurant and see her reaction. If she ask you for money for something, say “no” and see her reaction. Let her discover that you have money after you are sure  she is into you for you. You need to be discreet about it too.

If a lady marries you for money, she will leave you when the money is gone. BEWARE!!!

The video below was made for jokes but characterizes Nigerian women very well.

Again not all Nigerian girls are Materialistic but be careful that you don’t make yourself a victim.

Nigerian guys are to soccer as Nigerian Girls are to Money.

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