How Great is our God Day 28

Do you know our ability to exhale Carbon dioxide and inhale Oxygen is nothing but a miracle.
Did you know there has to be pressure difference between our lungs and environment that allows us to breath?
When air pressure in our lungs is lower than our atmosphere, air comes into the lungs.
A higher pressure in the lungs as you guess helps us with exhaling.

Yes, we are fearfully and wonderfully made-Ps.139:14


How Great is our God!

5 thoughts on “How Great is our God Day 28

  1. So many wonders to confess make it impossible to logically deny the existence of God! Good work young lady…

    Enjoy your day.

      • The praise goes to God as He uses you to work some of His purposes. We who believe all have gifts to use in His name.

        You deserve credit for the work you are doing. Take care…


      • I don’t deserve credit for anything. The most important thing is that the Glory goes to him.

      • That is the first priority indeed…that God is glorified through us. But simply know that He is happy with you and your work here, as we are.

        Have a fantastic day!

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