How Great is our God Day 28

Do you know our ability to exhale Carbon dioxide and inhale Oxygen is nothing but a miracle.
Did you know there has to be pressure difference between our lungs and environment that allows us to breath?
When air pressure in our lungs is lower than our atmosphere, air comes into the lungs.
A higher pressure in the lungs as you guess helps us with exhaling.

Yes, we are fearfully and wonderfully made-Ps.139:14


How Great is our God!

How Great is our God Day 25

“Our physiology developed in and for these conditions: the way our lungs are calibrated just for this air pressure, allowing us to breathe without even thinking about it; the way our bones react to navigating a 1g environment by continually replenishing and turning over the mineral-rich tissue at just the right rate; the way our skin cells produce melanin and our irises contract to protect us from the damaging light of the sun. Our bodies are finely tuned for this environment.”-Patrick Mustain

He made everything for us to survive in this planet called Earth.

How GREAT is our God!!!!

How Great is our God Day 5..

Can you imagine a world with no air??
or can you even imagine going to a place like a gas station to buy air?
God is awesome that he knew that it would be too expensive for someone like me and some of he made air free.

What is so special about the Air we breath?
It’s oxygen..
“21% of oxygen” is found in our air (
Our cells need oxygen.

I know a lot about exercise physiology..
You need oxygen for aerobic exercise..
Our aerobic energy production produces most of our energy that we need for exercise and it is more efficient than the other two energy processes that can function without oxygen.

Apart from exercise,
every cell of our body needs oxygen..
Our Red blood cells has a protein called hemoglobin to carry oxygen.

Oxygen is very important us.
We will talk more about oxygen when we talk about the lungs.
Gas exchange takes place in the lungs..(stay tuned)

God knew that Oxygen is so important to us..
so He added it to air..
Air is Free and easily accessible

How Great is our God.