Lessons College has taught me..

Am graduating in 8days..
God has been faithful to me.
1. Trust no-one but God and myself.
2. True friends will stick around no matter what..
3. True friends will always have your back.
4. Some Professors don’t like you.. You have to work hard.
5. Prayer is your best friend.
6. Exercise: your body needs this to relieve stress.
7. Procrastination will hurt you bad.
8. Don’t assume anything. Prepare!! Prepare! This is the best way to prevent a lifeĀ  full of regrets.
9. Some ppl wouldn’t like you. Don’t take it personally..It’s a reflection of their own insecurity.
10. Getting the A’s is how you fight for the future you want.
11. Have a balance b/w school life and social life. One greater than the other can be traumatic.
12. Party at your own risk: anything can happen at that party hall.
13. Study hard
14. College is best time you get to learn about time management.
15. Get involved with school activities that helps with networking.
16. If you still compare yourself to others, you still insecure about yourself.
17. Don’t limit yourself to a certain group of people. Learn to get to know other people different from you.
18. Find a study method that works..stick to it.
19. Avoid drama..a stress free life is the way to go in College.
20. Don’t make excuses. Learn from your mistakes and move on!
21. Put in your all if you still fail..at least you know you gave it your all.
22. Good friends will tell the truth no matter what.
23. Your significant other might not meet you in college. It’s ok!! You will meet someone someday.
24. Positive thinking is the best way to think in college no matter the situation.
25. Watch the company you keep cos your friends are pieces of you.
26. Persist to get your degree no matter the situation.
27. If you have photographic memory, you need to continue studying even after the test to get the info in your long-term memory.

Lessons Life has Taught me..

1. The spiritual world controls the physical. You’ll accomplish more praying than complaining.
2. True friends are a gift from God. You can’t get anyone to like you. True friends will love you unconditionally. Seasonal friends will come, but true friends will last.
3. The man for you wouldn’t deliberately hurt you.
4. The person that tries to hurt you is already hurting themselves.
5. If you care what everybody thinks about you, it means you’re insecure in your own self. You don’t know your identity in Christ.
6. Never care what others think more than what God and you thinks. God knows you more than yourself. You know yourself more than others. Others can only guess.
7. Caring about what others think undermines what God thinks about you.
8. Your life is a product of your own thinking.
9. You make excuses cos you don’t want to take responsibility for your own actions.
10. There’s a spirit attached to every sin.
11. People that compare themselves to others are already insecure in themselves.
12. Everybody experiences some kind of difficulty in their life. Nobody has it easy.
13. The decisions you make today will affect your kids tomorrow.
14. It is easy to put things in prospective when you live for eternity.
15. For some reason, some people wouldn’t like you. It happens to everyone. That’s their problem. Don’t carry their problem and make it yours.
16. Some men seek beauty to find love. Best way is to seek God, everything you need is found in him.
17. Your emotions are products of your own thoughts.

More to come..