How Great is our God Day 15

When your mom and dad met.
Your dad released approximately 300 million sperms..
Of course the journey to fertilize an egg is a life or death journey.
Against all the obstacles along the way, you won the race..

See, if you didn’t win. You wouldn’t have been here.
You had to fight to get here.
Other sperms didn’t make it but you did..
You won that race..
what is holding you back from winning this life journey.

Again, approximately 300 million sperms are released according to biologists
It takes an AMAZING God to not allow 300 million sperms to fertilize 300 millions eggs..
Imagine being pregnant with 300 million babies..(it sounds crazy).

Pls.. Don’t ever in your life think you are smarter than God.
No human being in their mortal mind can do this…

We are truly fearfully and wonderfully made-Ps 139:14

“The human body is amazing!! Too complex for the big bang theory. Too complex for Darwin’s theory.. Certainly there is a creator. What a masterpiece, what an architect, what a designer! #God”Esther Poswal

How Great is our GOD!!

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