Somebody Stop HAZING… PLEASE!!!

I watched this video and it literally brought tears to my eyes.
I love my Nigerian-descent NFL Players, I try to keep up with a few of them.
The guy hazed in the video has been playing for the NY Giants for 2 years at the time he was hazed.
I mean, he is not a new player anymore..
so why are these players throwing him into a tub of water?

In my opinion, hazing is bullying..
I think we all need to take a stand and fight against all forms of bullying in general.
Click here to read about my personal bullying experience.

Watch the video for yourself and see for yourself.

This guy is carried by two players and some guy is screaming “stand up for yourself”..
Obviously, this is bullying where the strong or outspoken prey on the soft spoken.
Watching this video, I thought he was playing along.
He comes out of this tub of water with this look on his face..
That look got me and I teared up.

How many athletes, students, and people in general have to be victims until we do something about this??

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