Do Africans like it here in the States?

Do you like it here?

Americans love asking me this question. Why do you guys look surprise when I have say “there’s no place like home”?
This question has two answers  yes and no.

Africa 3mapYes, I like it here because my education is very important to me.
Education in the states is better than in Nigeria period.
Life is Nigeria as a single person would cost me an arm and a leg without a good job.
In the states, it will be easier for me to advance academically.
Life in the states is more stable.
Living in Nigeria, I wouldn’t know what to expect.
I love living with constant light, water and better roads.
Life in the states to be honest is amazing.
Americans are very generous people too.

On the flip side..

No, I now have to deal with racial discrimination.
Everybody in Nigeria is black; I didn’t have to deal with much discrimination.
I saw discrimination against people of low socioeconomic status in Nigeria.. That’s it!
I didn’t have to try so hard to get people to like me.
Some Americans are shallow, they choose to hate for the dumbest reasons.
I now deal with discrimination not only from whites but from blacks as well.
Plus, Americans have this one-sided national geographic view of Africans.

I lived in motherland for 12 years..
Yes, we do not have constant light and water to this day because of selfish politicians, but there’s a love in heart for my country and my people that no country can take away.

Yes, I’d have liked my life better in my country if the standard of education was better but I like it here in the states.

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