Singles should NEVER forget: Marriage is not a Joke to God..

Once upon a time, this fine gal went to this big gym to work out with one of her acquaintances. While this fine gal was trying to do squats this guy was eyeing her from across the gym.
All of a sudden, he migrated over to where this fine gal was. The fine gal already knew what she was doing so she didn’t need his input. He felt he needed to give the fine gal his input which he did, but the fine gal played it off.

For a while the fine gal has not been seeing the guy at the gym (no, she wasn’t going to gym to find him).  After a few weeks went by she went back to do her squats on this faithful day and all of a sudden she turned her head to the east-side of the gym and there he was. The fine gal didn’t care she wanted to do her squats and leave. As she was in the north-side of the gym minding her business, the guy migrated again from the east-side of the gym to the north-side of the gym. To make matters worse, he started doing walking lunges with these huge weights that required him to walk across the fine gal.

The fine gal is a Christian gal so she tried to ignore what was going on in front of her. The guy was obviously trying to get her attention which he did. The fine gal pitied the guy’s effort sha, so she decided to say a few things to him. The fine gal asked him “do you remember me?” He replied “Of course” and he went on to ask her if she needed help with her squats. She declined the offer and went on with her squats. While she was talking to him, she noticed something. Yes, something very interesting. What do you think it was?

A black ring on his left finger, NO!!! Why? The fine gal(9jagirl4real) thought. There’s something you should all know about this fine gal. She respects God and marriage so much that she will never do anything to disrespect that institution.

Unfortunately, a lot of singles don’t respect the power of a wedding ring.
A wedding ring means he or she is out of the single’s market.
It means don’t even look that direction.
As soon as you see that wedding ring, a mental “X” sign needs to come on in your head to alert you to change course quickly.

A lot of singles try to justify talking to married people..
There’s no way you can justify it in a way that will make any sense.
If the guy or lady is married leave he or she alone.

“What God has joined together let no man put asunder”-Mark 10:9

If you try to put asunder in somebody’s marriage, you have to answer to God.
God takes Marriage Seriously..

I have no respect for singles that date married people.
I have no respect for married people who date people who is not their spouse.
I have no respect for married people who fool singles by lying that they are single.

If you are single and dating someone married…
How would you feel if your husband or wife cheated on you?

Do Africans like it here in the States?

Do you like it here?

Americans love asking me this question. Why do you guys look surprise when I have say “there’s no place like home”?
This question has two answers  yes and no.

Africa 3mapYes, I like it here because my education is very important to me.
Education in the states is better than in Nigeria period.
Life is Nigeria as a single person would cost me an arm and a leg without a good job.
In the states, it will be easier for me to advance academically.
Life in the states is more stable.
Living in Nigeria, I wouldn’t know what to expect.
I love living with constant light, water and better roads.
Life in the states to be honest is amazing.
Americans are very generous people too.

On the flip side..

No, I now have to deal with racial discrimination.
Everybody in Nigeria is black; I didn’t have to deal with much discrimination.
I saw discrimination against people of low socioeconomic status in Nigeria.. That’s it!
I didn’t have to try so hard to get people to like me.
Some Americans are shallow, they choose to hate for the dumbest reasons.
I now deal with discrimination not only from whites but from blacks as well.
Plus, Americans have this one-sided national geographic view of Africans.

I lived in motherland for 12 years..
Yes, we do not have constant light and water to this day because of selfish politicians, but there’s a love in heart for my country and my people that no country can take away.

Yes, I’d have liked my life better in my country if the standard of education was better but I like it here in the states.