A time will come where all of us have to part ways. I must say, it was a privilege getting to know all of you. All of us have formed some relationships. Some relationships are stronger than others. I cherish all the times we spent together at church, bible studies, soccer, home of love and the rest. You are talented and unique in your own ways. You have challenged me in my walk with God and for that I say thank you.

I pray that we will hold fast to our faith and to all that we have learned in home of love. I pray for the best for each of you in your endeavors. I can’t wait to see your bright futures with your spouses and children. I pray for peace, love, happiness in the next chapters of your lives. For some of you this might be the only time I will get to see you guys again, I pray that wherever life takes you that you will continue to shine for Christ.

I have seen little Joseph and David grow before my eyes. We have seen Victoria with no hair but now she has this long hair and she is in college (lol!). We have seen little Jubilee and Grace grow before our eyes. My favorite video is seeing someone (u know) drop their pants while dancing (lol!). I remember the time I was taller than Elijah before I knew it, he was tall. Little Vincent now has swag (lol!). The list goes on and on. Little mama is now done with school (can you imagine?). Time flies so fast (where did time go?).

Some of you may not like me or pretend to like me for the sake of peace (excuse my honesty). I want all of you to know, I love all of you and our times together. I know this letter is kind of cheesy (some would say!) but you all have a special place in my heart regardless if you like me or not.

Keep Shining for Christ! Keep Shining!


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