How Great is our God Day 29

Did you know your ability to blink is a gift?
Our human eyes blinks 10,000 times a day (source)
BlinkImagine your eyes without the ability to blink?

Why is blinking so important?

According to Dr. Stern, adults blink more frequently to cleanse and moisten our cornea (source). He also says we blink less frequently when we are learning something or getting our attention attentively to something. Moistening our eyes is important to protect our eyes from bacteria (source).

You subconsciously blink not knowing it is working out for your own good.

“We are fearfully and wonderfully made.”-Psalms 139:14


How Great is our God: Day 26

The president is a very important person..
Everybody doesn’t have the luxury of visiting the president anytime they feel like..
It is impossible for any common person to just visit the president.
The secret service is responsible for protecting our president because he is very important person.

Same thing with our brain..
Our brain has this thing called the blood brain barrier which is like the secret service of our brain.
You didn’t know your brain has a secret service of its own?? Well.. it does.
The blood brain barrier selectively allows things to get into our brain.
Our brain is very important..

God knew our brain is a vital organ that’s why he made sure we had the blood brain barrier that selectively chooses what gets into our brain.
Some types of medication can’t get to your brain because it can’t cross the blood brain barrier.
The blood brain barrier is the bouncer of our brain..
A bouncer of a party only lets certain people to get into the party.

“We are fearfully and wonderfully made”-Psalms 139:14

To God be the Glory!!!!