My black is beautiful..

I grew up in Nigeria to see most women with relaxed hair.
Mind you, straight hair is not how God made us.
God created black people with kinky curly hair.
Most of us with relaxed hair have it cos our mothers, peers, friends had relaxed hair..

Racism has affected our race so much that we self-loath ourselves.
Even in the black community, our natural hair textures is frowned upon.
I believe God doesn’t make mistakes..
God made us with kinky curly hair textures for a reason..
We are not smarter than God. He would have given us a straighter hair textures if he wanted.

This makes me angry cos as black people, we have allowed the effects of slavery to linger.
During slavery..
white people told our ancestors that we are ugly with other gruesome stuff.
Yes, our ancestors bought into the lie and they got desperate to change themselves to something they are not..

We put harsh chemicals into our hair to make it straight.
Yes.. A lot of us relax our hair to make it more manageable.
Think about it, if our ancestors had kept their natural hair..
most of us would have been natural today.

I am very close to going completely natural..
I have a very coarse thick hair, if I go natural now.. I wouldn’t be able to comb my hair.
It’s that thick.

Trust me, the day I discover what I can use to soften my natural texture that will be the day I go natural.
Even now, my hair is not completely straight..
You’d think I would get support from my own people?
The society shouldn’t set the standard for us on our God-given nature.

We have to stop buying into this slavery, self-loathing mentality..
Our black is beautiful.
We are beautiful just the way God made us.
I support you all my natural sistas.
I will be joining you so..
We are beautiful with our kinky curly hair.

In the efforts to be something we are not..
a lot of black girls/ladies/women have damaged their hair.
We all have the ability to grow long beautiful hair but we can’t cos we are busy trying to change ourselves to please society.

Who cares about society?
Not me..
Our ancestors bought into the lies doesn’t mean we have to do the same.
It’s time, we stop pleasing others as a race for once and do the right thing best for our hair.

I think our hair is completely manageable..
we just have to find a healthier way without all these harsh chemicals..

The price of pleasing society is too expensive..
We are spending too much money on relaxers, wigs, weaves, etc
and all we have to do is come together figure out a way to have manageable hair with less short and long-term consequences.

We are not straight.. We are kinky curly.