I want this.. I want that.. Daddy Please!

Imagine going to the mall and the cutest pair of shoes starts calling you. You stare at the item for several minutes before ignoring the urge. In life, we have to prioritize. A cute pair of shoes versus your light bill. You want the shoes but you need to pay your light bill.

spoiled kidI remember going shopping with my dad at a young age. In the store, I was like “dad, I want this, I want that”.. He got me nothing. Why didn’t he? My father understood the importance of teaching me discipline and self control at a young age. Even if my dad could afford it, he wouldn’t get it except it was necessary.

Same thing with God..
With God.. We are like God, I want to be married..have kids, big house..this and that, but then we neglect the fact that we need God more than anything and anyone in this world.

Matt 6:33 “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you”

I am not saying seek God to get what you want. I am saying that we have to prioritize in our relationship with God. We want plenty of stuff from God for ourselves and he is not complaining but we NEED GOD. We need to stop focusing on what we want in our relationship with God and start focusing on what we need: God!


Our Wants can Wait
We need GOD More!