I know..

I know..
You are not like other men that just look for a pretty face, big breasts and big butts..
You want a woman whose heart is lost in God.
You want a Proverbs 31 woman.

Unlike other men..
You know beauty fades and a woman that obeys the Lord should be praised.
You seek for a wife not a girlfriend.
Your heart is so lost in God that you are seeking for a woman that God approves first.

You are one of a kind..
Guys look at you like you are crazy..
Why can’t you holla at that pretty girl out there.
They don’t understand that you see beyond looks..
Just like your father,
you are not enticed by the outward appearance when she doesn’t have a heart for Christ to match.
The world can’t comprehend why u chose to marry
in a world full of loose women.
You are different..
You are a man of Distinction and Valor.

To all True Men of God out There.. I Salute you!!!