Online Dating..Dislike!!!

Personally, I don’t support online dating because it neglects the foundation of every healthy relationship.
In my opinion..
the most important foundation for a healthy relationship leading to marriage is God and Friendship.

Why God and Friendship?
God is the most important foundation of anything.
Remember, Genesis 1:1-In the beginning..God!!
God has to come first in the relationship.

Friendship is vital for communication.
Communication is very important in marriage.

Christian Mingle is designed mostly for Christian Singles..
I have never been on Christian Mingle..
I guess the aim would be to put two God-fearing people together.

Here’s my thing with online dating…
It neglects friendship.
People get on these sites to literally find their soul mates.. not friendship but friendship is vital in a marriage relationship.

At the end of the day,
you want to marry your best friend..
Is your best friend online??

Think about it..
Why do we take matters into our own hands instead of trusting in God?

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