Killing Lust Series: RUN!

I remember in college this guy who liked me dropped me off in my dorm room. When he was in my dorm room, I guess he couldn’t handle me and him in my room. Yes, he literally ran out!
You know your strengths and weakness. If you know seeing a woman or a man in a certain type of clothing will empower lust in your life then don’t put yourself in that situation. Avoid situations that will empower lust in your life. For example, if seeing R-rated movies or any movie that has sex in it or anything that is a struggle for you, it means you don’t need to see that movie. Feeding lust enhances lust in your life. The best way to kill lust is through the power of God and starving its appetite.

“Flee from every appearance of evil” 1 Thess. 5:22

This girl in my church thought there was nothing wrong with porn. She said you are not really doing the real thing. That is far from the truth. Porn empowers lust. If you are struggling with porn please, don’t allow anyone to fool you. Porn is very satanic and devilish. The enemy will use porn in your life to destroy you. If lust has gotten to this stage for you, other people need to be involved. If you have someone you trust who can help you exercise self-control and keep you in prayers.

Yes, we live in a hypersexual world but we can’t be ignorant of the plans of the enemy.
More to come!

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