Dear Black People, Black Lives Matter..

“..the persistence of homicide in poor African American communities. The numbers are staggering. From 1980 to 2013, 262,000 black males were killed in America. By contrast, roughly 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam. In New Orleans, about 6,000 African American men have been murdered since 1980. The killers of these men were, in the vast majority of cases, other African American men” (The Atlantic Article: A Matter of Black Lives)

Next time you go for your next “Black Lives Matter” think about this staggering statistic. Why should other races care when we don’t care about ourselves. You know the quote, “charity begins at home.” We are holding posters, banners, and all chanting “Black Lives Matter,” but we are out there killing each other. Who is advocating for the black men and women killed by other blacks. What message are we sending the world? Self-hate is our biggest enemy. I am not against the “Black Lives Matter” campaign, we have to defend ourselves. We also have to recognize that most blacks are killed by other blacks.

Dear Black People, Black Lives Matter Too..

8 thoughts on “Dear Black People, Black Lives Matter..

  1. I understand what you’re saying, but I think we’re looking too much at the effect instead of the cause. Yes black people are killing black people, but when did this really start? When they became educated by the same people who hated them, and therefore taught them self hate. As for the rest of the world caring, there will never be outrage for an extermination of a group of people who are not your own. You’re not going to risk your family’s life because they killed your neighbors, you’re just going to make sure those people don’t kill you. If people were going to be outraged and come to the aide of black people, then there would still be some Tasmanians left. Yes black people kill black people and white people kill white people and Asians kill Asians, but out of those 3 groups I mentioned, only one kills them all. But you’ll never hear about those statistics.

  2. One of the solutions I believe is to start educating our own children. In the school system we are bombarded with subliminal racism by way of omission. As a child growing up in public school, when you go through science class and all the inventors are people other than you, and you go to math and it’s all Greeks and anyone else. You begin to come to a conclusion that your people never did anyhting and that you are worthless on this earth. So when you encounter your own people and arguments escalate, you have no problem with feeling as though that person’s life is of no value. We have to take our children back and tear down that system, and teach them another one at home. Then they can learn not to hate each other, also we need to curb the influence of the media on our self-image. Black people need to understand that the majority of the images that portray them in popular culture, has a negative effect on their views of themselves and their belief in what they can become.

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