Love is priceless..

“A man who only likes you for your looks will cheat on you. A woman who only likes you for your money will definitely cheat on you.”-9jagirl4real


I love to laugh..
Life is not that serious.
Sometimes, we just need that good humor.

My cousin shared this on his fb page, I decided to share it with you.
Laughter is good for the soul..

Here we go..
Most Nigerians will get it..
If you are not Nigerian, I hope u get it.

Here we go:

Boyfriend: I heard you failed in English!

Girlfriend: Nonsense! Who TELLED you?

Boyfriend: You see your life! Even simple English, you cannot spoke! Okay, tell me whether the following adjectives are correct or not.”Great Greater Greatest, Sell Seller Sellest, Help Helper Helpest”

Girlfriend: They’re all correct of course!!!

Boyfriend: God safed you today, I thought u wont get


If I get a lot of likes.. I will post more Nigerian humors.