Christain Singles..

A Pastor in my church said “ppl spend more time preparing for wedding more than the marriage.”  Considering the high rates of divorces today, I agree with his statement 100%. The alarming fact of the matter is that divorce is also high in the church. I think the enemy in directly attacks families by attacking marriages. Marriage should be forever.

Christian-singles-datingHollywood shocked us with 72 days of marriage. Our society doesn’t value marriage, an institution designed by God himself for a mature man and a mature woman. Rushing into a lifelong commitment is not wise and might easily end in a divorce. If people prepared more for marriage, do you think we would have less divorces? I don’t know, but I do think singles* need to take precaution in their dating relationships to approach marriage differently.

Divorce doesn’t only affect the parents, it affects the kids more. After divorce, kids have to adapt living with one parent instead of two. The child might not fully comprehend why daddy or mummy is no longer living with them. Divorces hurt children. The bible only allows divorce when infidelity is present. Divorce is a serious business to God because he doesn’t take marriage vows lightly.

Singles, marriage is not dating, you can’t just married him or her today and decide you want to divorce tomorrow. Unfortunately, people are approaching marriage like a dating game. Christian singles, if our marriage vows is important to God, we need to approach marriage in a serious sense. Society will go back on God’s word because a carnal mind can’t fully comprehend. As Christian singles, it is imperative we prepare ourselves for marriage. Marriage is a life-long commitment and shouldn’t be entered hastily.

That’s the problem with this society: quick to marry and quick to divorce.