Wise Up Women:

The man is the person that pursues in the relationship. A woman must NEVER give the man sex if he is chasing her.
If the man is really interested in her he will keep pursuing her until he marries her.
Once you women give the man sex, he has conquered you and why should he settle down with you and commit when you gave him the most valuble, physical intimate connection, sex?
Once you give him that he has conquered you and now why settle when he knows how you are and wants to see something better that is out there?
Women wise up, he will not stay. If he really wants you he will pursue to marry.
If not he will give up which shows you it is about the sex. This eliminates all of the men who are trying to knock you off.
Women seek Jesus, live right and the man of God, the right man will pursue you. You desire what you are.

By: Shafarr Holierthanthou Savoy

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