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Wild Child 5Wild Child 6To all Africans, who promote Africa in a positive light: God bless you!!
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Stop Pressuring Singles to Marry..

Leave us Single Women Alone..
Yes, I know the clock is ticking.
Since I was born this clock has been ticking and ticking..
Nobody should be pressured to make a lifelong commitment hastily.

People under pressure make dumb mistakes like marrying someone they didn’t want to marry.
Love is important in a marriage.
Unlike some of you in your marriages, I want to be happy in my marriage.
I just don’t want to tolerate my marriage because of the children.

As a Nigerian Woman at my age, it is absolutely a crime to be single.
As soon as a Nigerian woman graduates from college, she gets all sorts of pressure to get married.
I want to be married someday.
I want to have a husband and three beautiful children or four by God’s grace.
Marriage is not a joke.
Marriage is a long-term commitment.

Marriage is for LIFE.
As soon as I say “I do.” That is it!!
I don’t believe in divorce.
For a woman who doesn’t believe in DIVORCE, I need my space away from every pressure to make my decision.
A woman knows what she wants.
If I am still single at my age, OMG!!! The world is not ending.

A lot of women Marry for several reasons.
Not this Woman: I will only marry for LOVE and NOTHING ELSE.
No Single Woman can Force any man to love her and you CAN’T force her to love someone she doesn’t want because of a clock.
I rather wait patiently and be happy in my marriage than rush and be miserable.
Being Single is not A Crime..
You are not God.

Marriage Quote..

“The role of the female in a Christian Marriage is to be his helpmate. The role of the man is to find a good wife. In a relationship, if he is not doing anything for God; you have no obligation to help meet it.” -Unplugged

7 Sins You Should Never commit against a woman:

Author: Unknown

1. Don’t beat her
2. Don’t verbally abuse her
3. Don’t disrespect her
4. Don’t make her feel unloved
5. Don’t Rape her
6. Don’t cheat on her
7. Don’t ignore her Love Languages.

Give her kindness, she’ll give u LOVE
Give her smiles, she’ll give u laughter
Give her your heart, she’ll give u her LIFE
Give her a house, she’ll give u a HOME
Give her an idea, she will give you a plan.
Treat Her Like a Queen, She ll make u a KING.
LOVE her, and she’ll SUBMIT herself!
Sin against her and She will make your life miserable, good measure, pressed down, shaking together and Running over.

Issues of Life

Luke 8:43-48

The woman with the issue of blood touched the border of Jesus garment..

Instantly, she got her healing.

You may have financial, emotional, psychological, marital or other issues in your life.
Just like the woman with the issues of blood..
lay your issues at his feet and touch the border of this garment and receive your healing.

Wise Up Women:

The man is the person that pursues in the relationship. A woman must NEVER give the man sex if he is chasing her.
If the man is really interested in her he will keep pursuing her until he marries her.
Once you women give the man sex, he has conquered you and why should he settle down with you and commit when you gave him the most valuble, physical intimate connection, sex?
Once you give him that he has conquered you and now why settle when he knows how you are and wants to see something better that is out there?
Women wise up, he will not stay. If he really wants you he will pursue to marry.
If not he will give up which shows you it is about the sex. This eliminates all of the men who are trying to knock you off.
Women seek Jesus, live right and the man of God, the right man will pursue you. You desire what you are.

By: Shafarr Holierthanthou Savoy