Marriage Quote..

“The role of the female in a Christian Marriage is to be his helpmate. The role of the man is to find a good wife. In a relationship, if he is not doing anything for God; you have no obligation to help meet it.” -Unplugged

Kids having Kids..

I hate seeing kids suffer in the hands of unprepared parents.

ImageThings you should think about before having a child:

  1. Kids are expensive-if you are not financially ready, you need to reconsider.
  2. Kids need attention-when you have a newborn, you can’t sleep all through the night because you have to get up and the feed baby or change their diaper etc. Kids in general need a lot of attention.
  3.  Kids need selfless love- When you have a child, your life does a spin because life is no longer about you. As a parent you have to think about your child. Good parents think more about their children than themselves. If you still want to live for yourself, you need to wait.Kids are a gift from God. If you are not responsible* for yourself then you are not ready to be responsible for someone else.Having a child is a huge responsibility..please don’t put on your head if you are not ready.“You are not ready for something until you count the cost.”-Joshua Eze

    *Responsible meaning you have your own place, money and resources to take care of your child. You are not ready for a child, if you think your parents are responsible for raising your own child. THINK!

    Enjoy your youth.. Don’t complicate it!