Not Another Love Song..

Personally, I think we have enough songs about love, premarital sex and drugs. These types of songs are popular because they sell. Instead we need songs about girls suffering from eating disorders because they don’t look like the girls in the  music videos. We need songs about teenagers who are on drugs, and how they are ending their life before starting it. We need songs about guys in gangs, who think for some reason they are invisible from the law. We need to sing about little pregnant teen girls with no plan for a better future for neither themselves nor their baby.

We need to stop contradicting ourselves. Why condemn the stripper dancing in a club for money and you don’t condemn naked ladies in most of these videos? It amazes me how a lot of kids really look up to these stars. They don’t sing about the importance of getting a good college education and bettering themselves. They sing and rap about all the parts in a female’s body, premarital sex, drugs and shooting someone. These songs paint this fictional world that doesn’t exist. It’s impossible to have that many women without a sexually transmitted disease. Women are not objects that men can toy with and move on. These videos only promote a one-sided type of beauty to women. These videos capitalize on the fact that most women only want guys who have money (Not true).
People have heard enough songs about gangbangers, womanizers, drug addicts and premarital sex experts. We need songs to direct our youth in the right direction.

Kids having Kids..

I hate seeing kids suffer in the hands of unprepared parents.

ImageThings you should think about before having a child:

  1. Kids are expensive-if you are not financially ready, you need to reconsider.
  2. Kids need attention-when you have a newborn, you can’t sleep all through the night because you have to get up and the feed baby or change their diaper etc. Kids in general need a lot of attention.
  3.  Kids need selfless love- When you have a child, your life does a spin because life is no longer about you. As a parent you have to think about your child. Good parents think more about their children than themselves. If you still want to live for yourself, you need to wait.Kids are a gift from God. If you are not responsible* for yourself then you are not ready to be responsible for someone else.Having a child is a huge responsibility..please don’t put on your head if you are not ready.“You are not ready for something until you count the cost.”-Joshua Eze

    *Responsible meaning you have your own place, money and resources to take care of your child. You are not ready for a child, if you think your parents are responsible for raising your own child. THINK!

    Enjoy your youth.. Don’t complicate it!

Techno Babies..

ImageI call them “Techno Babies” in short for Technology Babies.
I have interacted with kids ages 1-4yrs..
It seems all of them know to work gadgets.
Gadgets as in a tablet, i-pad, i-pod.. Just to name a few.
And I am not talking about those made for kids.
It amazes me how they know to work it.
Give them a gadget..
You just have to turn on the power button and they know what to do.

It makes me wonder does God equip our new babies in the womb to know how to work new advances in technology?? It sounds like a crazy thought but we serve a Mighty God that is also full of surprises.

It amazes me, how a 4yr old knows how to get on a tablet..
without asking knows how to get on youtube to find her shows.
Of course, her parents may have shown her how to a few times
but the ability for her to navigate  way without much assistance is amazing.

I gave a 2yr old my laptop to play Angry birds..
I thought, i’d have to instruct him on how use the mouse to play.
Well, he got on the laptop and just knew what to do.

I don’t have a child,
maybe these kids have watched their parents long enough that they know what to do.
Who knows..