My Beloved,

Ladies, we deserve a man who is prayerfully waiting for us.
Yes, we are worth the Wait!!
This guy on facebook wrote this for his unknown future wife. 
My Beloved,
I can’t wait to love you.
I want you to know that I’m waiting for you.
I can’t wait to meet you.
To see your eyes, to see your smile & to know about your life.
Wherever you are right now, what ever you’re doing, I’m praying for you.
The thought of you excites me.
I can’t wait to serve & pursue Christ along side with you.
I can’t wait to hold your hand, and just pray with you.
I promise you I will always play my guitar and I will sing you songs.
Whats even better, I can’t wait to worship along side with you with our voices.
I can’t wait to Love you, adore you, cherish you and take care of you.
I’m excited to know everything about you. Everything that makes YOU. Every single detail that makes you perfect for me. I know I will appreciate those things because it’s you. I want to know what makes you happy, what makes you sad. What makes your day. Your favorite food, drink, music, movie,. Anything, and everything about you. So I can serve you, love you, and take care of you the best way I can.
I can’t wait to touch your face when you laugh, cry, make jokes, being silly.
I can’t wait to pray, fast, drink coffee, eat carelessly, watch movie, sleep in till we are both late for work, cooking together, make you breakfast in bed, you making me breakfast in bed, drive our first car, live in our first home, raise our own family, seeking God together as a family, I can’t wait to experience trials & suffering with you, grow close together with God.
I can’t wait to hold you close to me at night. Till we fall asleep.
I can’t wait to give you my ALL, everything of me to you.
I can’t wait to lay myself down for you, just as Christ laid down His life for me.
I long and desire for you my beloved.
I can’t wait to meet you and spend the rest of my earthly days with you.
I can’t wait to love you.
I can’t wait to show you this letter in the future when we finally meet.
But for now, I want you to know.
I’m patiently waiting for you..

uthor: Hidden for Now.Ladies..
Be encouraged…
Your husband is out there prayerfully waiting to meet you.

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