You can’t Buy Love.. Can you?

Love is priceless,
Love is not a feeling, or an emotion.
We have watered down this thing called “love.”
Nowadays, a guy can buy a girl’s in love with his good looks and a large bank account.

Ladies, we are not waiting for love anymore, we are settling for financial security and mere looks.
Guys don’t feel they have to do much anymore.
That sacrificial love is gone.
We are all looking for what we can gain not what we can give.
Lust takes, takes and takes..
Love gives.
Girls we can buy love from guys by being beautiful.
Our natural beauty is enough but to catch the best, we have to add some artificial “stuff” (you know).
The more fake we become the more attention we get.
We only hurt ourselves when we underestimate love.

If you choose anything such as money, looks above love. You lose.

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