Killing Lust Series: The Door

doorFor those of you who don’t know I am starting a series on how to kill lust. I hope this encourages or inspires you to start your journey to kill lust in your life.

If you have any kind of addiction the spirit of lust is operating in your life. In other words, any habit that you can’t exercise self-control over is powered by the spirit of lust. You may not be addicted to sex; it could be drugs, alcohol, food etc. Some people clearly want to stop this habit but they can’t. Whatever I share is not limited to only people struggling with sex. If any self-destructive habit is controlling you please, keep up with this series and let’s overcome it together.

Let’s begin..
Personally, I had some experiences from my childhood that opened the door to lust. I was too young to understand the consequences of what I was going through. Even though, I was too young to understand that something wasn’t right, I knew that something wasn’t right (hard to explain).

There has to be a doorway for lust to enter your life. Maybe you were molested when you were younger or you got exposed to something that caused lust to enter your life.  Sometimes, we invite lust into our lives by ignorance or it comes in by experience.

The enemy doesn’t care how lust enters your life. He wants lust to stay in your life to destroy you.

John 10:10 says “the thief comes to steal, to kill and to destroy”

My childhood experience opened the door to lust in my life.

Answer this question: what opened the door to lust in my life?

More to Come..