For Better or Better..

Love22It should be “For better or Worse..”
A lot of people say this phrase without understanding the word “worse”.
Cos if they meant it..
they wouldn’t run for a divorce when problems come..

C’mon ppl,

Why do you run when it gets worse in marriage?
You stood before God on your wedding day to say “worse”
worse means when it gets bad, really bad, really really bad..
Worse means Bad to the 100,000th power.

You didn’t say for better or for bad..
You said “Worse”..
Worse is an intense bad.

How many of you actually stand when it gets worse?
When it gets worse, a lot of people start checking out (Divorce)..
Worse is part of life…
Your life wasn’t smooth sailing when you were single.
Why do you think it is going to be smooth sailing now you are married?

A little prick and the love disappears..
It ought not to be so..
Life is full of ups and downs..
Everybody goes through it.

Your marriage will not be up all the time..
You will experience a down too.
If you didn’t want to divorce when your marriage was up..
Why should you divorce when your marriage is experiencing a down?

In the presence of abuse and infidelity
..Divorce is understandable;
however, irreconcilable differences..  really??

If you are going to marry for better and better..
Please, do your partner, and future children a favor and don’t marry at all.

There’s nothing as a perfect marriage..
Everybody with awesome marriages worked hard for it.
Marriage is not for wimps, it’s for people who are committed to fighting for their love.

Learn from the bad..
Let these bad times draw you closer and not tear you apart.
Nothing in Life with value comes easily..
The enemy hates marriages..
He will bring every wind of storm to tear you apart..
These storms come to measure the love you have for each other..

For Better or Better (Fantasy, Fairy tales)
If you are not really marrying for Better or WORSE..PLEASE DON”T MARRY at ALL!!

We would have less Divorces today, if people indeed married for Better or Worse.. 

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