A Journal to God..

Dear God,

I just got off from work. No, I am not as tired as I thought I would after working two shifts back to back.
You know why I volunteered myself to do overtime.

I thank you for the miracle you are about to give me tomorrow.  I can’t write everything I want to say to you on here because I am posting this one on my blog.
I am getting sleepy now.

No, I wouldn’t sleep yet still done talking to you.
Lord, please help me to love you more than my dreams, goals, visions, etc.
Help me to draw closer to you.
It’s crazy, I used to make more time for you in college with a busier schedule than I do now.
I know my time with you is priceless.

You are the essence of my life.
Let this heart only beat for you, oh God!
I am not done yet, but I am stopping here for the blog.
I got this creative idea from the book I am reading now.
Have you ever thought about starting a journal where you only write to God?
Try it!