Why do you need another blog?

Someone asked me..

I need another blog because I have the life of my dreams in another country and it hurts me that a lot of my people are not living their dreams in their own country. I live in the states, I have constant light and water; however, my people have to use generators to see light and they have to carry water on their heads to bring to their houses before they have water in the house. Yes, I know what you are thinking, I am only a woman I can’t accomplish anything to help my people.  I have no time to listen to critics when my people are suffering. The poor people in the States have better lives than people in my country.

Some say.. you are not smart enough.. I am not this or that. I DON’T CARE. MY PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING and I will scream to anyone who can hear me. My scream is for you educated Nigerians aboard to remember your people, and do something. Do Something! We have to do something. Our government has failed our people; we have to build each other up to build a better Nigeria. Today, I ate three times, we have college graduates on the streets selling pure water to put at least one meal on their table. We have to remember our people; we can’t enjoy the good of someone’s country and neglects ours. College graduates are gate mans, house boys and girls for rich people in Nigeria.

No matter where you go and how bad you want to forget your identity, it doesn’t change the fact that you are still a Nigerian. I speak with an American accent all day; it doesn’t change the fact that I am still a Nigerian. Neglect your people; neglect yourself because we are one. If you are doing well aboard please, remember your people and give back.

We think we have to help the whole country to help Nigeria. Not True! If you can help one Nigerian and that Nigerian helps another Nigerian… We will change Nigeria. There’s one thing I love most about Americans, they love community service. Americans work hard and they give back as well. If our country also had that sense of community service do you think our country would be where it is today? No! We need to adopt community service into our culture. Yes, some Nigerians don’t want progress. Help the Nigerians who want progress.

This is why I am starting another blog called INTERATIONAL EAGLES OF NIGERIA coming to wordpress in 2014.

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