How to know if your Nigerian Man is Married to someone in Nigeria by Olaniyi Abodedele

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Today I want to stand up and speak on behalf of many innocent ladies across the globe who have been deceived by a few Nigerian men for one reason or the other while they are married to a Nigerian lady; in return I want to hear your views and experience as well.

Nigeria is a country made up of the lawful and the unlawful, pretty much like other countries we all know. One difference is, Nigerians see the developed world as countries which present them with great opportunities they can take advantage of. The honest truth is that, they are a hard working bunch, no matter which field they find themselves.

For too long, Nigeria and Nigerians have been readily associated with the online scams, financial crime, identity theft, deceit and impersonation – termed 419’. However, beyond the unfortunate stereotyping, there are several positive characteristics and cogent intriguing traits of the country, and its people.

Mostly when you hear about Nigerian men, it’s either about one controversy or the other, the sad reality is that bad news spread like wild fire over good news.  A country so blessed, yet, refuses to grow due to corruption and ignorance of its leaders, a country so blessed; yet, honesty is a scares commodity amongst majority of its citizen.  A country so blessed; yet, the mindset of the average person are questionable. Despite all these Nigerian men are still one of the most loving men, if you are lucky to meet the good ones.

The topic about Nigerian men is never ending from Africa to Europe to Asia to the middle East, down to America and Australia; they are cherished by lucky women who..Click here to read the full article and for more interesting articles on Nigerian men

4 thoughts on “How to know if your Nigerian Man is Married to someone in Nigeria by Olaniyi Abodedele

  1. I add a Nigeria man on Facebook he said thank for adding him we started talking and stuff it was cool he put a picture of this girl. On whap. I asked him who is that he says his sister for couples Day he started message me on fb I ask what wrong with your whapp he said it hanging. Keep saying he loves me miss me currently he studying and I am supposed to visit him. I am from caribbean. Am not sure if lying to me bout his self he said he 27 maybe he lying bout his age

    • He say i am very beautiful he wants me to be his girlfriend and he going take care of me when he finished study he get very angry when i talk to him about cheating he thinks I have trust issues i keep apologies for my behavior i told him next time I behavior so don’t talk to no any more he said be careful what I wish for i am also a single mother. I asked him y did u want to date a carribbean girl he said his friends told him we are sweet i am confused her

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