50 Influential People You Wouldn’t Believe Are Nigerians Part 1


When a non-Nigerian or foreigner hears of the country ‘Nigeria’ – I guess the 1st thing that comes to mind are all the negative things that has been said about the country in the media (especially foreign media – Duh its a no brainer that it would be them) or what they have read so far Online.
A friend told me his classmates at Harvard kept asking if it’s true that their are lions and zebras walking on the streets and major highways in Nigeria, So i asked him what was his reply to them, he said and I quote “The movie ‘The gods must be crazy’ is kinda mis-educating you all, seriously Africa is way more develop than what you see on all the Project save Africa mini-documentary on TV” well i wasn’t impressed with his answer though! but i’m sure he made his point clear cause I would…

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