Our Choices.. Our kids!!

ImageI was talking to a girl who is pregnant and working in a fast food.
I thank God America takes good care of their children.
If I was having this conversation in Nigeria, God knows I would be crying.
How can a young girl raise up a child with a fast food paycheck? It’s impossible!
Completely Impossible!
I asked her about the child’s father, if he will do anything to support her when the baby is here.
She said, she wasn’t sure that she told him to get it together before the baby comes.

Babies don’t mature men; responsible men are responsible before they bring a child into this world.
Don’t expect anything to change if you decide for whatever reason to have a child with a man who is immature.
Ladies the decision you make affect will affect your child for the rest of their lives.
If we knew the power we have over our children’s’ life, we would be more careful with our decisions.
Even though, I have no kids now, I still have to think how my decisions will affect my kids.

If I choose to have kids out of wedlock will affect my kids.
If I choose to have kids with someone who doesn’t love me will affect my kids.
If I choose to have kids with someone who doesn’t want kids will affect my kids.
If I choose to have kids with someone I married will affect my kids.
If I choose to have kids with someone who is immature will affect my kids.

I want my kids to have a father and mother who love them living in the same house taking care of them.
I want my kids to have their father in their lives.
I want my kids to have everything they need to make them successful.
I want my girls to grow up to be intelligent, God-fearing, virtuous, strong and great contributors to our society.
I want my boys to grow to be like their father.

It may not happen how I want it to happen but I am not going to set myself for failure by having a child with someone whom I am not married to or not responsible.
To be honest, I don’t want baby-daddy drama. I don’t want to beg any guy to take care of their responsibility.
I want the best for my kids for this reason, I have to choose wisely.

Women your choices will affect your children. Choose wisely!!!

Words to Men..

Words of prayers that you’ll indeed grow from boys to Men.
boys walk around spreading their sperm everywhere
without standing up to their responsibilities.
boys do what boys do..

Men fight for their families.
boys drag their pants on the ground
looking for the next bait to plow.

Men pull their pants up and go to work.
boys mistreat women.
Men protect their women and children.

It takes a Man to raise a Man.
If your dad made you a statistic,
why should your kids suffer
for the mistakes of your father?

Your Manhood starts now,
Raise up and take your rightful place.
It is about time you start turning from boys to Men.

If you have a child and you’re not taking care of your responsibility,
no matter, how old you are. You’re a boy.
This epidemic has to stop.

A man does what Men do..
A real man has a real job and takes care of his kids.
Not just financially, emotionally as well.
He goes to their games,
gets involved in their schoolwork.

Tell them, you love them
Show them, you love them.
Tell your lil girl, she is beautiful
Tell your lil boy, he is strong. 
Discipline them in love.

Build up your kids positively,
Remind them of their identity,
if you don’t,
society will do it for you.
Society can’t do a better job than You.

Your kids..
Your responsibility..
Live for a greater purpose
greater than yourself