We all need Music Therapy..

Music therapy is the use of music interventions to accomplish individual goals with a credential professional(American Music Therapy Association). Professionals use music interventions because it really works. When life gets rough, I use music therapy. No, I don’t go to a professional. I gather my own motivational songs and I do my own music therapy. We can all benefit from music therapy. We have different reasons why we listen to music. Sometimes in life we need that moment where we shut everybody out and listen to good relaxing music.

How to pick the songs for your Music therapy?

What are you struggling with? It could be pain. You might must to listen to songs about healing. Songs like “I am the Lord that healeth thee” by Don Moen

Are you struggling with disappointment? Songs like “God will make a way” by Don Moen could come in handy.

If you are not a Christian; pick songs that encourage you in order to get through. It is not the time to listen to depressing music or songs that make you feel worse. You definitely need a group of positive songs where you can always listen to feel uplifted.

Here is my go to songs for music therapy: It has the mixture of relaxing and uplifting songs.

1. Jonathan McReynolds – God Is Able

2. Yiruma-River runs through you.
3. Imagine Me-Kirk Franklin
4. Get Up-Mary Mary

5. I worship you by Mary Mary
6. Lifted by Frank Edwards

7. Soweto Gospel Choir ft Joe Praize-Mighty God
8. Heal the World-Michael Jackson
9. I then shall Live by Gaither Vocal Band
10. Never Give Up-Yolanda Adams

Make a playlist for your motivational songs and play them over and over again. When you are going through things, it is important you listen to encouraging and relaxing songs. We all use music in different ways; it’s time we use music for our benefit.