Nigeria vs. Argentina by Vincesanity


The super eaglesNigerian football is always of great controversy, will the team complain about not being paid enough just like other African countries do or will the play with the passion and national pride we all know they can. Even though some games they do play with passion, something unexplainable always happens that defies all laws of the universe and Nigeria loses the game (Yakabu eh!!).

This game can be summed up in three words “Messi Versus Enyema”. At the last world cup, messi, fresh off a Ballon D’or winning season and the weight of Argentina came face to face against Vincent Enyema of Nigeria.  Everyone thought the game would end with a possible thrashing dealt to Nigeria due to the opposition only using two defenders but a Hollywood twist occurred. Enyema rose to the occasion and stifled messi with five point blank saves. The inquest is will the same performance be replicated today? Will the villain (messi) succeed at the second trial or does the Hero of the super eagles come through as always. The stage has been set, enter actors and plot twists.

The Real Stars in our Life

Fans of singer Justin Bieber scream as he performs on NBC's Today Show in New YorkMost of us have stars we idolize.
Most guys are huge sports players fans..
*Lebron James, Tim Tebow..etc.
Most females are huge singers fans.
Hint*Justin Bieber, Usher..etc.

I am not saying you’re wrong for being a fan to anyone..

However, I think some people are extreme about these stars.
They are original people just like us who are extremely popular and good at their craft.
These people don’t know you.

We adore our stars so much that we watch them everyday..
Psychologically, our brain wants us to think that we know these people personally.

Reality Check: We don’t know these people personally and they don’t know us personally.
People get so obsessed with these people that they get so detached from reality.

The real stars in your life should be people who sacrificed to help make you who are today..
For me personally..
My parents are my real stars,

I went to school here in the states as an international student paying out-of-state school fees..
My mom worked as a nurse overtime for years without taking any vacation days to make sure I wasn’t kicked out of school.
She is in debt because she busted her butt to make sure my siblings and me got our education.
My dad would send money from Nigeria..
if you live in Nigeria and you will understand that the exchange rate from naira to dollars is not a joke..
My dad busted his butt to send me thousands of dollars from Nigeria most semesters for my school fees..
My parents are my real stars.

Every time, I see my parents.. I need to cry, screaming their name for their autograph
cos the sacrifices they made has changed my life forever.
I am a college graduate today cos my stars worked hard.
Currently, I am working in a fast food restaurant but I have hope for a better future.

However, the Ultimate Star in my life is God..
who blessed me with such hardworking, and sacrificial Stars in my life.

To God be the Glory!!

Hollywood and sports stars we adore.. don’t even know our names..
The real stars in our life are the ones who made sacrifices to make sure we are successful!
Don’t forget to Praise the Real Stars in your Life.