The Super Bowl 101: For Nigerians..

The Super Bowl is the national championship game of the National Football League(NFL) in the United States of America.
This football is not the same as our football where you kicked the ball into a goal.
Some Africans call it handball because the players literally hold the ball and try to get to the opponent’s side of the field to score a TOUCHDOWN.
TOUCHDOWN is similar to saying SCORE or in our football: GOAL.

There are three different types of scores in American football. The first is called a touchdown worth 6 point which comes with an extra 1 point to make it 7. Second score is a field goal worth 3 points. Third score is called a safety which is worth 2 points. In case you are down by four points and you are trying to tie the game, you can score a touch down which is 6 point and go for a 2 point conversion which is obviously 2 point (knowledge by Nsi aka. Possible Etim).

This is our football or soccer to Americans: Soccer  and this is American football American Football

The Super Bowl is a big deal for Americans the same way the World Cup is a big deal to Nigerians when Nigeria plays.
People gather together to watch the game. People order a large amount of food for the game. Some people like me watch the game for the commercials. The Super Bowl is also a big deal for businesses. Businesses pay a lot of money to make sure their commercials are shown during the game because they know a lot of people are watching.

Premier league season returns by Vincesanity

At 7:45 AM on August 16, 2014, the Barclays premier league takes full flight once again. First the new boys in town, Leicester city, Burnley and the return of Queens park rangers. Their focal point will be survival and avoiding the relegation zone by may 2015. This all lies with the tactics their managers approach the season.  Nigel Pearson, Sean Dyche and Harry Redknapp all have to decide between “parking the bus” and counter attacks their opponents versus “balls to the wall” all out attack but of upmost importance is the quality of the players and their willingness to battle of the shield on their chest and the community.

            The battle for champions league positions and league title goes six ways between Manchester city, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester United.  Manchester city are the reigning champions but have done little to strengthen their squad but added competition to vital positions, which included a commanding central defensive midfielder (Fernando) to allow Yaya Toure more attacking freedom and Caballero to challenge Joe Hart, England’s number 1. The additions of Mangala and Bacary Sagna stiffens the defense and gives city another successful run at the league but the question still beckons, can they have any impact on the champion’s league this year?

            London big clubs, Arsenal and Chelsea both seek to claim their first important trophy in years. Both teams looked to bring in a prolific striker to help their offense, Chelsea have stolen keys parts of Atletico Madrid in Diego Costa, Courtuois and Felipe Luis. Diego costa is the clinical finisher that jose Mourinho needed to replace the shaken confidence of Fernando Torres and although Mourinho has self-proclaimed the team to be a force for the next decade, the team will have to shed its defensive mindset and adapt an expansive attack to gain world wide acclaim and dominance.

Arsenal lost a legend in Lord Nicholas Bendtner but brought in the Alexis Sanchez  to add speed which the team begged for and also defensive help in Debuchy and Chambers. Although these are good pick ups,  Arsenal is the EPL’S accident waiting to happen, they will dazzle, mesmerize but inevitably they may possibly win the FA cup, bounce out of the champions league in the quarterfinals, loss the league in the last April but keep 4th position in the table.

            Liverpool lost the goal scoring machine in Suarez and use the same tactics tottenham used during their lose of Gareth Bale, by buying a surplus of talents. Their season comes down to how sterling, coutinho and Sturidge retain their clinical finishing and counter attacking will emerging the new boys.

            This season is going to be one of the best in a decade, the stories will be timeless, the fans will experience joy, despair, the heartbreak but also victory and the champion’s roar.

Nigeria vs. Argentina by Vincesanity


The super eaglesNigerian football is always of great controversy, will the team complain about not being paid enough just like other African countries do or will the play with the passion and national pride we all know they can. Even though some games they do play with passion, something unexplainable always happens that defies all laws of the universe and Nigeria loses the game (Yakabu eh!!).

This game can be summed up in three words “Messi Versus Enyema”. At the last world cup, messi, fresh off a Ballon D’or winning season and the weight of Argentina came face to face against Vincent Enyema of Nigeria.  Everyone thought the game would end with a possible thrashing dealt to Nigeria due to the opposition only using two defenders but a Hollywood twist occurred. Enyema rose to the occasion and stifled messi with five point blank saves. The inquest is will the same performance be replicated today? Will the villain (messi) succeed at the second trial or does the Hero of the super eagles come through as always. The stage has been set, enter actors and plot twists.

COUP DE MAIN by Vincesanity

Coup de main, French for (blow with the hand), is a swift attack that relies on speed and surprise to accomplish its objective in a single blow, today is a day for Coup de Pied (blow with the feet).

Image         Act 1 of the world cup comes to a close with its crème de la crème group taking center stage. The group of death with Portugal Vs. Ghana and USA Vs. Germany are set to kick off, each with their very own subplots.

Portugal VS Ghana sets two teams currently looking in turmoil against each other. Portugal, infected with the same distrust that corrupted the 2010 French side will have to find a quick remedy and start believing in each other and get the ball to their main man Cristiano Ronaldo. Although Ronaldo looks less than 70% fit, that is still more talent than anyone else on his team and a player of his caliber only needs a split second to remind the world why he is loved and hated in equal parts. Portugal needs a win with a 4-0 margins or hope that Germany beats the US by 4.

Ghana also in turmoil but because of the same issue that afflicts African teams, their football associations denying them pay.  This issue has cause the Ghanaian association to send Kevin prince boating and its key midfielder Sulley muntari home from the world cup.  Ghana now looks to the leadership of Andre Ayew and the talismanic Micheal Essien to keep the team spirit afloat and focused to beat the Portuguese. Ghana’s pace and ferocity in attack gives them more than a chance to win the game and also the portuguese’s lack to stamina which was put on notice by Germany and the US will decide the game in the last 30 minutes. Ghana wins with the score 2-0.

David VS Goliath, Maximius Decimus Meridius vs Ceasar, and Germany VS USA, the hype for these face-offs are unparalled.  Both teams  are coached by Germans, but US coach Jürgen Klinsmann has been the special one in his own right from his work with rebuilding the 2006 Germany team and making this US team have a chance to advance from the group of death.  It takes a great coach to set achievable goals (semi finals), come up with the tactic and formation he thinks gives them the best chance and scouting the players that fit the mold and are wiling to work for the better of the team and finally the …..BALLS…to drop iconic Landon Donovan from the national team. All these moves have lead to the arrogance and confidence that exudes from the US team but they are facing a juggernaut in Germany, coached by klinsmann’s successor Joachim low. Although he inherited Klinsmann’s team he has yet to get to the final of the world cup and might be on the hot seat if he does not deliver with this team which most think is the best German team every assembled.

Both teams advance with a draw, which the US will be hoping for but Germany is a prideful nation and will want to show klinsmann that he should have stayed home. The Germans are professionals at Coup De Pied and with the world watching why not let it fly.

The World Cup that keeps giving by Vincesanity

June 12, the long anticipated world cup began.  For a month, most of the world is on the same time zone, same schedule, and same hope that their home country will showcase their style of football. For a month, there will be loads of undone homework, postponed work projects, countless unexpected sickness leading to missed days a work, and definitely a month’s worth of anguish, heartbreak and magic.

ImageThe first round so far has delivered with 84 goals which stifles that of the 2010 world cup with only 45 goals and some of the gargantuan beat downs have been to the world heavy weights. Spain dealt a heavy blow in their first 2 games with scores of 5-1 and 2-0 respectively. England has been eliminated prematurely in part due to their grade school like performances.

With their bow outs come the Cinderella stories that capture our hearts. Costa Rica and Colombia have rising to the top of their groups, display their cavalier attitudes to the game, their formula; push the play with pace, utilizing their acclimation to the humidity and heat of Brazil and giving wave after wave of lung bursting counter attacks that their opponents were not prepared for. The may not make it to the final or win it all, but their have won our hearts.

Finally the African teams, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria. What will they bring to the table? Previously the world has seen two types of African teams, the one in complete turmoil and its antagonist the team that play with a pace not even the costa Rica’s of the world can cope with. The question lies will they play with the freedom they can play with or will they inevitably break our hearts once again. The story continues and we await the next plot twist.


The Real Stars in our Life

Fans of singer Justin Bieber scream as he performs on NBC's Today Show in New YorkMost of us have stars we idolize.
Most guys are huge sports players fans..
*Lebron James, Tim Tebow..etc.
Most females are huge singers fans.
Hint*Justin Bieber, Usher..etc.

I am not saying you’re wrong for being a fan to anyone..

However, I think some people are extreme about these stars.
They are original people just like us who are extremely popular and good at their craft.
These people don’t know you.

We adore our stars so much that we watch them everyday..
Psychologically, our brain wants us to think that we know these people personally.

Reality Check: We don’t know these people personally and they don’t know us personally.
People get so obsessed with these people that they get so detached from reality.

The real stars in your life should be people who sacrificed to help make you who are today..
For me personally..
My parents are my real stars,

I went to school here in the states as an international student paying out-of-state school fees..
My mom worked as a nurse overtime for years without taking any vacation days to make sure I wasn’t kicked out of school.
She is in debt because she busted her butt to make sure my siblings and me got our education.
My dad would send money from Nigeria..
if you live in Nigeria and you will understand that the exchange rate from naira to dollars is not a joke..
My dad busted his butt to send me thousands of dollars from Nigeria most semesters for my school fees..
My parents are my real stars.

Every time, I see my parents.. I need to cry, screaming their name for their autograph
cos the sacrifices they made has changed my life forever.
I am a college graduate today cos my stars worked hard.
Currently, I am working in a fast food restaurant but I have hope for a better future.

However, the Ultimate Star in my life is God..
who blessed me with such hardworking, and sacrificial Stars in my life.

To God be the Glory!!

Hollywood and sports stars we adore.. don’t even know our names..
The real stars in our life are the ones who made sacrifices to make sure we are successful!
Don’t forget to Praise the Real Stars in your Life.