The Hottest blog post on 9jagirl4real (Results)..

I have 439 blog posts on 9jagirl4real.
Out of 439 blog posts on 9jagirl4real, you would be surprised to know that one particular blog gets the most attention.
Which one is it?

Stats from 5/25/13-5/25/14

Let’s make this easier to read..

Blog Views
Home Page 1,229
Nigerian Men 101 461
Nigerian vs. American Culture 264
Africa 101: African Fashion 259
Ted Talk Review: The Skill of Self Confidence by Dr. Ivan 146
Africa 101: Where do Africans live? 113

Let’s look at the top blog posts:

1 year bar

Why does Nigerian Men 101 have the most views?

1. It could be because it has the picture of Kerry Washington in it. Kerry Washington right now is hot cake because of Scandal.
2. Non-Nigerian women are curious about Nigerian men.
3. There are no resources out there to educate Non-Nigerian women about Nigerian Men.
4. Nigerian Men are hot and they are in demand.
5. It could also be that more Nigerian men are chasing after Non-Nigerian women.


It could be any of those reasons above. To be honest, I think this blog post gets the most views because women are actually searching for information about Nigerian men. You don’t believe me? Take a look at this..

The chart below shows Google referrals to my blog.
Search engines refer people to my blog base on their search topics or questions.
Look at the chart below and see how many times someone searched about dating Nigerian men..etc.

Nigerian men stats

I do apologize the chart is a little hard to see.
According to the Chart, it shows that Nigerian vs. American culture had the most search referrals.

If you look closely you will see searches such as: “dating a Nigerian man,” “dating Nigerian man” and “Dating Nigerian men.”

Out of 439 blog posts on 9jagirl4real-Nigerian Men 101: For Non-Nigerian women gets the most attention.

GOOD NEWS for a lot Single Nigerian Men: Women or Men are searching for you(I can’t tell if they are mostly females. I hope they are mostly females).

2 thoughts on “The Hottest blog post on 9jagirl4real (Results)..

  1. Hi. Welldone babe. Very unlike me to be hooked on a blog for hours. I am a Nigerian lady happily married to a Nigerian man and living in Nigeria. Interesting views here.

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