The SOLUTION to our Nigerian Problems..

Guess what? I have the solution to all our Nigerian problems.
You want to know?
We are the solution to our problems.
You heard me right.
You are the solution to your country’s problems.
Do you think the United States of America or China would be where they are today if they waited for foreigners to help them build their country?
Nigerians stop blaming politicians and start blaming yourselves.
We are the solution to our problems but we haven’t figured out the solution because we are not thinking outside the box.

I want to show you something to help you understand the importance of thinking outside the box.
Below, I have posted two video of young people who thought outside the box and brought solutions to their African Community.

1. This little boy found a way of saving lions and people in his community by thinking outside the box.
How did he do it? Watch the video to find out.

2. This African young man did something that surpises M.I.T professors by thinking outside the box. How did he do it? Watch the video to find out.

My people, our real problem is that we are not thinking. These young boys don’t have PHD degrees but they are making a difference. WHAT IS OUR EXCUSE? It’s time to start THINKING, NIGERIANS.


Dear Black Men,

First of all, I want to say am really a fan.
Love you all truly.
Let’s get real…

Please do us all a favor and know your identity.
You have a lot of potential,
God has blessed each and every one of you with great futures.

You’re so powerful,
I have never seen a group of people so blessed with intelligence, and creativity.
It’s so sad cos some of you don’t really know how powerful you really are.

Stop making excuses,
Nobody is your problem but you.
Don’t blame your dad, society or anything else for your present position in life.
You have a lot of potential for good works.
The problem is that some of you are trying to be each other while God has created each one of you to be unique.

I hate that some of you are not maximizing your full potential.
Your life is better in the real world than prison.
Employ wiser ways to utilize your anger.
Ending up is prison shouldn’t be your aim.
Showing your manhood shouldn’t end you in prison.

change the negative Stigma

Am tired of hearing that most of you are in Prison.
You can break this negative stigma.
Gangs will only lead you to a dead end.

You’re powerful, smart and capable of being a doctors, lawyers, engineers, and anything else you want to be.
Stop letting society define you.
Society want to infuriate you, so that you can do something stupid that will end you in prison.

Come on guys, all of you can’t be rappers or play sports.
Be more proactive not reactive

Remember, you have no excuses.
Bad decisions is not helping matters, obviously.
God created you to be Great.
You are great people that’s why you have so much attack.

Define yourself and stand by it.
Black women need you all to get it together.
If your father wasn’t in your life doesn’t mean you have to continue this trend.

Sleeping with all sorts of women doesn’t make you a man.
Sagging your pants doesn’t make you a man.
Dropping out of high school doesn’t make you a man.

Think! Pause! Prove Society Wrong!

Shooting somebody up doesn’t make you a man.
Smoking weed doesn’t make you a man.

Realize your potential.
Stop letting society define you.
You have the power to change this world around for good.
God has equipped you with good.

Let the negative aspects in your life inspire you to strive to be in a position where you can make a positive change to help someone else.
You have to break this negative stigma.

Get connected to God and let him show what it means to be a man.

Am not saying y’all are bad.
I am tired of hearing that most black men are in prison.
We can change this.
Something gotta give guys..

I see you guys as strong, powerful, creative, handsome, productive and the list goes on.

This world needs more intelligent, God-fearing and purpose driven black men..

A Huge fan!