For Non-Nigerian Women: How to make a Nigerian man LOVE you..

Nigerian guy1. If you googled (how to make a Nigerian Man love you), you are trying too hard. Men in general subconsciously have desperate detectors. I have never met a man who likes desperate; he probably exists, I haven’t met him yet. No matter how desperate you are, he does not have to know.

Why should you hide desperate? This is very important because some Nigerian guys can capitalize on it and use it to their advantage. Trust me, hiding the thirst will work for you. If he likes you, he will chase you. Allow him to chase you.

Nigerian guys are in your home country for a chance for a better job opportunity, education, etc. They already understand that something worth having is worth chasing. If he likes you, he will come after you except he is married or a wimp. If he married or a wimp, you don’t want him anyways, let him go. Stop trying so hard to win his attention. If he doesn’t like you, you will meet somebody else who adores you.

2. Love yourself: you know that quote “nobody can love you until you love yourself”(unknown).. Very true!! No guy in this world can love you until you love yourself.

3. Have something going for yourself: education is huge in our Nigerian culture. If you are not educated, at least have something going for yourself.

4. Be yourself: This may sound like a cliché but it is absolutely true. Be the best you and you will attract the right man.

Honestly ladies, there’s no right formula to get a Nigerian man (or any guy). My suggestion is to stop trying and be yourself. Guys are ok with a smile to let them know you are interested. Know your worth ladies and lets these guys chase after you. You are worth the chase!!!

10 thoughts on “For Non-Nigerian Women: How to make a Nigerian man LOVE you..

  1. This is so funny though because I just met a nigerian man who complains that I don’t give him enough attention.Here I was trying not to look desperate.

  2. How will he know that Iam into him?
    Sometimes loving someone can be translated as desperation,and distance too can be translated as”too hard to get”or ” not caring”
    I think it all depends on the man..

  3. He already knew i was into him that much. I am actually crazy about him already. I am trying not to revolve my world around him though it is too difficult to do. 🙁

  4. How you mean capitalize on it and used it to there advantage please explain because i am about to date a nirgera man

    • It means he will use it to make you crazy about him. Don’t give him a clue that you are into him and let him invest and chase you. I had learned my lesson already with these Nigerian men. One of their attitude is a deceiver though they say they are honest to you they are actually 100% not especially if they keep on telling you that they are.

  5. hi for me the story is different.i recently met a Nigerian guy on the internet nd i really do lyk hm nd he says he does too bt im nt too sure of dat.hw do i knw if he really into me

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