Killing Lust Series: Be Careful little Eyes what you see

When I was younger, my Sunday school teacher taught me this song. We have to be careful what we see. The bible says the person who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed a sin in their heart. Society encourages us to look. Guys and Girls look. There’s nothing wrong with looking but that second look will get you in trouble.

When you see someone attractive usually the first look is innocent but looking the second time is never innocent. Society has this cliché saying “look but don’t touch.” Well, if you are looking eventually you will touch. Lust has no restraints. We have to make sure our action is not encouraging lust in our lives.

We can’t control who we see initially but we have to control ourselves from taking that second look. We can’t do anything by ourselves. We need to ask daily to help us not to look at people lustfully. For with God nothing shall be impossible (Luke 1:37). 

African Parents eh..

Recently my dad asked me if I have someone to marry?
I couldn’t believe my ears..
In my head, I couldn’t believe my dad asked me that question.
Before I left for school, I was given the advice focus on your books and no boys.
Having a boyfriend in my family as a girl is a taboo.

African Parents surprise me sometimes..
How am I supposed to have someone to marry when you clearly said I shouldn’t have any boys in my life while in school?
Was I wrong for taking your advice?
Did I commit any crime by obeying you as my parents?
I went to school focused on my books and I ignored a lot of guys out of respect for you and now, miraculously I need to be married because I am done with school.
Sometimes our African Parents are not fair..
They tell you to do something and when you do as you are told; they want to turn around to stab you in the back like you shouldn’t have taken their advice in the first place.

I am prepared to suffer any consequence of being obedient.
I refuse to become that lady who now wears miniskirts, dresses and heavy makeup in efforts to find her husband to appease her family.
Since when did my relationship with a man become more important than my relationship with God?
The whole time I was in school, you spoke to me about “God, God, God” after I graduated is about “husband, husband, husband.”

First of all it is not a girl’s place to find her husband.
If love doesn’t happen naturally then I guess, I will be single for a while.
Nobody is pressuring me to do anything.
I will not force myself on any guy to stop my family from bugging me about this husband thing.
I hate when African Parents pressure their daughters about marriage.
It is not a girl’s place to find her husband.
No African guy wants a desperate girl in the first place.

Stop pressuring your daughters because they are of age or done with school to get married.
Let love happen naturally.
If love doesn’t happen naturally for me, I will be single, content and full of life.
Guys chase girls to marry not the other way around.
Nobody should be pressuring any girl to find her husband.
Her husband should find her.
Till I meet my husband, I will be content in CHRIST.
Sorry dad, I am not going to force myself on any guy or marriage to appease you.