Guys are not SCARCE: Don’t FIGHT FOR A Cheater

Please ladies, we are too sophisticated to fight for a man.
I am fully aware that we outnumber men in this world that doesn’t mean we should fight their battles.

If he cheats on you..
Your battle is with HIM and not the lady he cheated on you with.
I don’t know why most women attack the lady and not the Man.
I am not saying you should fight the man either because you too sophisticated for that too..
The man should be faithful and obviously, he wasn’t.
Again, your battle is with the man.

If you still decide to fight..
Why are you fighting for a cheater?
Let me capitalize on the word CHEATER!!!
Most women don’t want a cheater.
Why are you fighting for one?
I know it hurts to feel used, manipulated and cheated on but face the fact “HE is a Cheater.”
Do you want a cheater?
The answer should be no..

Please ladies, I am begging you for our dignity.
Let’s stop fighting each other for a man.
If he is not willing to fight for you; he is not worth your time.
I don’t want a man who cheats on me.
I certainly don’t want to fight for a man who cheats on me.

To be honest, guys don’t respect girls who fight for them.
They think you are desperate to fight for them.
Remember this: Guys are not scarce.
Guys want girls who respect themselves.
Respect yourself, cry in your closet and let the cheater go.
It’s not worth it, fighting for a man who cheats on you.

We have to know our worth.
Our price is far above rubies.

4 Independent NIGERIAN WOMEN

This one is for my Nigerian sisters.
Don’t allow anyone force you into marriage especially when you know this person doesn’t love you and you don’t love the person.
Our culture defines women by their marital status.
That’s why a lot of women in our society are miserable in their marriages.
I rather be single and happy than married and miserable.

Culture is important but our happiness is also important.

As we all know marriage is a long term commitment.
Since marriage is a long term journey, you have to take your time with your decision.
Forget about your age and the pressure from your family.
Don’t let people plan your life and future for you.
Fight for the life you want by learning to make your own decisions.

*Please don’t make a lifelong decision hastily*

1. Don’t succumb to pressure
2. Take your time and make your own decision
3. Be honest with yourself. Does this man really love you like he claims? Does he show you he loves you? Do you love him? If he was disabled would you still love him?
4. Pray about your decision.
5. Educate yourself about love. Read books. Talk to people you know will always tell you the truth..
6. See both sides.
7. Make your decision.

We are not properties. We can make our OWN decisions without assistance!