10 reasons to marry a Nigerian Man for Non-Nigerian Women:

1. Most Nigerian men are aggressive meaning he will fight for you and his family at all cost.
2. Nigerian men love soccer-he might even love soccer more than you but he will always make you think that you are first.
3. Nigerian men secretly still love Nigerian women. Don’t let him deceive you.
4. Nigerian men love fufu (especially egusi with lots of goat meat): What? You don’t understand? You will.
5. Nigerian men speak a second language that might be attractive to you. Wait till he is around his friends and family; he will be talking about you with his friends and family in front of you.
6. Men cheat a lot. Nigerian men are not exempted.
7. Nigerian men have this big ego that is difficult to tame.
8. Nigerian men might want to go back to Nigeria.
9. Nigerian men might have more responsibility to take care of his family back at home.
10. Nigerian men are ready anything. Be ready to deal with anything.

Seriously, if you need a reason to marry a Nigerian man don’t marry him. Leave him for us (Nigerian women). Love has no reason. Nigerian men without a shadow of doubt are the best on earth.
To all women married or going to marry Nigerian men: PLEASE TREAT OUR MEN WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Disclaimer: Not everything on this list is true.

12 thoughts on “10 reasons to marry a Nigerian Man for Non-Nigerian Women:

  1. Every Saturday morning my husband is required to watch soccer. It is a ritual. His team is Chelsea, but the good news is early morning shopping he will give me anything for me to leave home so he can be with CHELSEA…I dont cook African food, but I do know how to order takeout from the local African Lounge.

    The BEST THING ABOUT marriage to African…..THE SEX!!! Hands down!!!

  2. OMW Have been dating my Igbo guy for 4months. Reading this scares me hence I’m suppose to visit Nigeria with him in December to meet the family…I m thinking of running a mile even if my heart will break to a million pieces…love him so much but having to worry about being left after having babies that might be taken back to Nigeria????…

  3. mine loves his gari….could you help me with information about isoko men. Uncle Google hasn’t helped much. just know about their culture. please please help

  4. This should be 10 reasons NOT to marry them for us Non – Nigerian women…. And #3 really true based on my experience.

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