10 Ways to Avoid a Baby’s daddy drama..

  1. Don’t have babies for irresponsible guys who are not responsible for themselves. How can you expect an irresponsible guy to be responsible for someone when he is not responsible for himself?
  2. Have some self-esteem: low esteem will make you do some crazy things to compensate for your low self-esteem
  1. Take care of your child by yourself without his help-take responsibility of the fact that you had unprotected sex with a guy who couldn’t give you anything. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Own it and move on with your life.
  2. Don’t have a baby for a man who clearly doesn’t like children: if he doesn’t like children how do you expect him to like your child. His child might change his mind(your call)
  3. Don’t have babies for a man who doesn’t want babies- he doesn’t want kids, he doesn’t want kids.
  4. Don’t have babies for a man who has children he is not taking care of-What makes you think he is going to take care of your kids?(If you can’t find an answer.. Don’t have kids for him)
  5. Stop having unprotected sex with random guys: (If you must: use protection).
  6. Know that any “baby-daddy” drama will affect your kids. Is it really worth it putting your kids through that? Save your child from 18 years of drama.
  7. Abstain from sex till marriage
  8. Listen to women’s stories about baby daddy’s drama. Learn from their mistakes.Your children deserve the best, please don’t put your children through this.

Stop Complaining Black Women: Learn their Tactics

Black Women, women of other races are taking the majority of your men. This is a serious problem for black women who love their black men. Complaining wouldn’t bring them back. Ladies, you need to start figuring out what is going on or you will lose all your men to other women (God forbid!).

Let’s Talk..

To have an edge over your competition, you have to study their tactics; however, there’s one fact you can’t change. You can’t change who black men are attracted to. There are some black men who are only attracted to black women, but there are some who are only attracted to women of other races and others who are attracted to both.  We all have preferences. Everybody has the right to be with whomever they want to be with. No black man should be ridiculed for choosing a woman of another race. Thus, if a black man loves a woman of another race; we have to respect his decision because we can’t change it anyway. Why get mad over something you can’t change in the first place?

Instead of hating on women of other races, you need to start figuring out how to win the competition. So far, you are losing. Big time! If black men have a self hate thing going on that’s their cup of tea to figure out. Black women (especially in the states) have a bad reputation for being loud, obnoxious, and full of drama. So maybe these women are not taking our men. Maybe we are the ones chasing them away..

It’s time to start studying your competition and their tactics to win the game.

Side Note- Black Women, forget the competition, and start considering people outside your race