You want A Good Man? Read on!

Ladies today’s message is for you…

someone sent a message to me last night
and i always see this problem with women on my Facebook.
In the the message sent to me she ask for a favor to pray for her to find a husband.
I prayed for her

…Later when i look at her pictures on Facebook all i saw was “backside, butt, booty and her face , don’t get me wrong she is a beautiful woman, however it can just be the only gift God must have given her, she was not showing others things she may be proud of….anyways it seems she was more proud of her butt or booty…

I say to you if you are looking for a Godly man you have to show your self like a Godly woman,
..Ps be in a look out for my book (“Excellency of a Godly woman”)

the bible said we should treat our body ” holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship”
Romans 12:1 when you are showing your backside you are telling the boys you are still a young girl, so why will a man take a look at you to be his wife?
the bible said in the book of Proverbs 18:22 “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.”

showing the world your naked body is not finding favor from God,

I don’t know about you but if i see my future wife dress like it Friday night all the time? something will have change for sure,
i don’t think i will look at you or bring you home to meet my family or bring you home to be favor by the Lord.

The way you dress shows if you are ready to be woman at home or a Friday night girl in the streets,
However when you change you are telling the world you are a new woman, ”Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come”2 Corinthians 5:17.

I pray you find your new self in our Lord Christ be bless and cover the body for your future husband.

Written by: Sheka Mansaray

My comment: Let the church say… Amen!!!

Christain Singles..

A Pastor in my church said “ppl spend more time preparing for wedding more than the marriage.”  Considering the high rates of divorces today, I agree with his statement 100%. The alarming fact of the matter is that divorce is also high in the church. I think the enemy in directly attacks families by attacking marriages. Marriage should be forever.

Christian-singles-datingHollywood shocked us with 72 days of marriage. Our society doesn’t value marriage, an institution designed by God himself for a mature man and a mature woman. Rushing into a lifelong commitment is not wise and might easily end in a divorce. If people prepared more for marriage, do you think we would have less divorces? I don’t know, but I do think singles* need to take precaution in their dating relationships to approach marriage differently.

Divorce doesn’t only affect the parents, it affects the kids more. After divorce, kids have to adapt living with one parent instead of two. The child might not fully comprehend why daddy or mummy is no longer living with them. Divorces hurt children. The bible only allows divorce when infidelity is present. Divorce is a serious business to God because he doesn’t take marriage vows lightly.

Singles, marriage is not dating, you can’t just married him or her today and decide you want to divorce tomorrow. Unfortunately, people are approaching marriage like a dating game. Christian singles, if our marriage vows is important to God, we need to approach marriage in a serious sense. Society will go back on God’s word because a carnal mind can’t fully comprehend. As Christian singles, it is imperative we prepare ourselves for marriage. Marriage is a life-long commitment and shouldn’t be entered hastily.

That’s the problem with this society: quick to marry and quick to divorce.

I know..

I know..
You are not like other men that just look for a pretty face, big breasts and big butts..
You want a woman whose heart is lost in God.
You want a Proverbs 31 woman.

Unlike other men..
You know beauty fades and a woman that obeys the Lord should be praised.
You seek for a wife not a girlfriend.
Your heart is so lost in God that you are seeking for a woman that God approves first.

You are one of a kind..
Guys look at you like you are crazy..
Why can’t you holla at that pretty girl out there.
They don’t understand that you see beyond looks..
Just like your father,
you are not enticed by the outward appearance when she doesn’t have a heart for Christ to match.
The world can’t comprehend why u chose to marry
in a world full of loose women.
You are different..
You are a man of Distinction and Valor.

To all True Men of God out There.. I Salute you!!!

Ready for 2013..

2012 was a very good yr for me and my family.
I am ready for 2013..
My prayer for this coming yr is found in Col 2:10
“And you are Complete in Christ, who is the head of all principality and power”
I want God to complete me in him till I am fully content in him.
I will be posting about this journey.
So please, I will like you to share any encouraging words, experiences, etc.
Anything to aid me in this journey will be appreciated.

Thank you so much to all my followers, supporters..
in the year 2012.
I appreciate your love and support.
God bless u all.

Am so excited for 2013..
By God’s grace, I will post more inspiring blogs this yr.

Lessons College has taught me..

Am graduating in 8days..
God has been faithful to me.
1. Trust no-one but God and myself.
2. True friends will stick around no matter what..
3. True friends will always have your back.
4. Some Professors don’t like you.. You have to work hard.
5. Prayer is your best friend.
6. Exercise: your body needs this to relieve stress.
7. Procrastination will hurt you bad.
8. Don’t assume anything. Prepare!! Prepare! This is the best way to prevent a life  full of regrets.
9. Some ppl wouldn’t like you. Don’t take it personally..It’s a reflection of their own insecurity.
10. Getting the A’s is how you fight for the future you want.
11. Have a balance b/w school life and social life. One greater than the other can be traumatic.
12. Party at your own risk: anything can happen at that party hall.
13. Study hard
14. College is best time you get to learn about time management.
15. Get involved with school activities that helps with networking.
16. If you still compare yourself to others, you still insecure about yourself.
17. Don’t limit yourself to a certain group of people. Learn to get to know other people different from you.
18. Find a study method that works..stick to it.
19. Avoid drama..a stress free life is the way to go in College.
20. Don’t make excuses. Learn from your mistakes and move on!
21. Put in your all if you still least you know you gave it your all.
22. Good friends will tell the truth no matter what.
23. Your significant other might not meet you in college. It’s ok!! You will meet someone someday.
24. Positive thinking is the best way to think in college no matter the situation.
25. Watch the company you keep cos your friends are pieces of you.
26. Persist to get your degree no matter the situation.
27. If you have photographic memory, you need to continue studying even after the test to get the info in your long-term memory.

Inner Beauty..

if you can’t love me when I look like this..
You can’t love me when I look like

Love goes beyond mere looks.
Guys, you need to evaluate both the inner and outer beauty.
Outer beauty fades..
Inner beauty is more important cos that never fades.

Guys, Does she love the Lord? Does her character match her looks? Does she dress modestly to protect your mind?

Proverbs 31:30-Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fades;
but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

Disclaimer: The first pic is just for an illustration. Please don’t go outside looking like the first pic. It’s not presentable. I didn’t go anyway looking disheveled like this pic.

Love the LOrd with all your HEART..

I Sam 16:7..”God doesn’t look on your outward appearance, but looks at a man’s heart”
what is it about our heart that is so important to God.
If God wants us to love him with all our heart, it must be very important to God.

As we know, we need our physical hearts to survive.
If your physical heart were to stop beating right now, you would be dead in seconds.
Physically, every human being need their physical hearts to survive.

Our physical and spiritual hearts are different.
In Matt shall love the Lord with all your heart.
I think the reference here was to our spiritual heart.

What is a spiritual heart and why is it so important to God?
I looked at Matthew-John

In Matt 6:21 paraphrasing..our heart is with what we treasure.
Matt 13:19 refers to our spiritual heart as a ground and Luke 8:15 referred to it as well.
Luke 8:15 was about that parable of a man that goes to sow seeds and different
seeds fall on different ground. In this verse, it was a good ground.

Mark 6:52..I see our spiritual heart can harden and doubt because of unbelief (Mark 16:14).
Luke 18:1..Men, ought to pray and not lose heart. Heart in this verse, I think means hope, faith.

John 13:2..If you read, you will see that the enemy has access into our hearts to plant seeds.
John 14:1 and 16:22.. Shows we can worry or rejoice with our hearts.

I know, I need to study more to really understand our spiritual heart.
From my studies so far, it seems our spiritual heart is ground that can accept good or bad seeds.
If it accepts good seeds, it will grow a tree that manifest good fruits and that will be manifested by what we say.
Remember Luke 6:45..”out of the abundance of the heart, the month speaks.”

Obviously, the word of God is the seed that is sown in our spiritual heart.
The enemy having access into our spiritual hearts to plant his own seeds is concerning..

To reiterate, our spiritual heart is different from our physical heart.
It is very important to God.
It seems our spiritual heart is capable of growing both good and bad seeds.
The word of God is the spiritual seed we plant in our heart.
The enemy can also plant his own seeds in our spiritual heart.

My knowledge on our spiritual heart is still vague.
Study with me.
Share what you find.

More to come..