Killing Lust Series: Music

As a Nigerian, I am very proud of my Nigerian artists and their creative music, but I have to be careful to what I listen to. There are spirits connected to music, if you believe it or not. We open ourselves up to all kinds of spirits by what we listen to. Our music industry is polluted with the spirit of lust, the spirit of greed and the spirit of self-love. If you listen to songs all day about grinding, sex and all sorts of promiscuity, don’t be surprised if that’s all you think about.

Proverbs 4:23 “Guard your heart with all diligence” We have to guard our hearts from anything that doesn’t line with the word of God. If the message in the song contradicts the word of God, it means we shouldn’t be listening or supporting that kind of music. This kind of music will affect our spirit man because we have the holy spirit on the inside of us.

What are you listening to? Does it glorify God?

Not Another Love Song..

Personally, I think we have enough songs about love, premarital sex and drugs. These types of songs are popular because they sell. Instead we need songs about girls suffering from eating disorders because they don’t look like the girls in the  music videos. We need songs about teenagers who are on drugs, and how they are ending their life before starting it. We need songs about guys in gangs, who think for some reason they are invisible from the law. We need to sing about little pregnant teen girls with no plan for a better future for neither themselves nor their baby.

We need to stop contradicting ourselves. Why condemn the stripper dancing in a club for money and you don’t condemn naked ladies in most of these videos? It amazes me how a lot of kids really look up to these stars. They don’t sing about the importance of getting a good college education and bettering themselves. They sing and rap about all the parts in a female’s body, premarital sex, drugs and shooting someone. These songs paint this fictional world that doesn’t exist. It’s impossible to have that many women without a sexually transmitted disease. Women are not objects that men can toy with and move on. These videos only promote a one-sided type of beauty to women. These videos capitalize on the fact that most women only want guys who have money (Not true).
People have heard enough songs about gangbangers, womanizers, drug addicts and premarital sex experts. We need songs to direct our youth in the right direction.

My favorite Songs by Michael Jackson

Unlike other artists today, some of Michael Jackson’songs  made sense like:
1. Man in the Mirror

The song is catchy but it makes plenty of sense. If you want to make the world a better place start by changing yourself. We can’t change the world until we change ourselves.

2. White or Black

In this song, Michael Jackson addressed the importance of judging people based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin. In this video, MJ included other cultures such as African, Chinese, Indian and others. MJ is one of a few artists who has included international cultures into his music video. We get lost in creativity of his songs that we undermine the real message behind it. Stop being Racist.

3. Heal the World

Can you imagine the world we would have if our focus was on making this world, a better place for future generations? It takes all of us working together as team to make sure our kids have a pollution free planet with less concern about global warming. We have a lot to do.

4. We are the world

Songs like these make me admire MJ because unlike other artists he cared about people, our world, helping others as shown in his music. These songs still touch people today cos we are not all evil there’s some good in us (I like to believe). Yes, people do some crazy things; however, there’s a part in us capable of good.

4. They don’t really care about us

Black people have been brutalized by white people in the name of ignorance. Yes, some whites in US and South Africa are still buying into that white supremacy inferiority complex mentality. I have nothing against white people, I just hate people exploiting others because they can.

To today’s artists: stop singing about drugs, sex, relationship and other nonsense you sing about. Learn  from MJ and sing about stuff that will make an impact in people’s lives.

When Music made Sense..

This is an old Nigerian song that says “Wait for me”
I wrote out the lyrics without the pidgin English

My young girl love is in your body.
This thing they call love is a serious affair.
Think well before you agree..
Please, if you will love her, you will plan it well.
Oh yes,
If you love me,
you will wait for me.

When you have girlfriend,
take your time that you don’t spoil her,
if you make children are you ready to care?
If you love life, you will plan it well.
Yes. If you love me,
you will wait for me.

Having babies is not a joke,
you will feed them,
give them cloth and give them love too.
If you are not ready to carry the load,
why would you put the load on someone else head?

Many children is an insurance for old age,
they never say we should marry,
they never say we should have kids.
There are lots of children but with no food to eat,
my friend..
This kind of life is so wahala (issue)..
That’s true,
if you love me,
you will wait for me.

Happy parents make happy children.
Happy children make happy country,
make sure you plan well and enjoy your life.
If you love me,
you will plan with me.
If you love me,
you will wait for me.

Wait for me,
baby plan with me (repeat).
Don’t forget to plan that’s what make life sweet. (Best Song EVER!)

Forget all the garbage from MTV and BET..
Young people need song to listen to songs like this,
where they are encourage to plan their lives.

Sex is not everything.
If you are not ready for the consequences that comes along premarital sex..maybe you need to  reconsider.
We live in this hyper-sexual world where everybody is encouraged to have sex but nobody talks about planning.